Many, many happy returns

June 11, 2017

birthdayIt’s my husband’s birthday and I want to publicly proclaim how much I love him and how happy I am that he returned to my life after a 26-year break.

Yes, that really happened. We were divorced for 26 years and then, poof! He was back! And it was the easiest thing we’ve ever done.

And so, to Michael, on the occasion of your birthday:

I love how you weren’t afraid to come back and declare yourself after 26 long years.

I love the way you wooed me with words and laughter and the most amazing images from your secret online source that you still won’t disclose.

I love your laugh.

I love to watch you play with Riley, acting like the big, playful dog he thinks you are.

I love your kindness. And how tender you are.

I love that you’re a romantic.

I love how you support me in every possible way. Even with the woo-woo stuff I do.

I love how you stretch in ways you probably never thought you could.

I love how you look atop a camel.

I love your baby blue eyes.

I love that you share my love of travel.

I love your big brain. And the interesting conversations we have every single day.

I love how you look in your new collection of linen shirts. Oh, hell. I just love how you look!

But mostly, I love that we’re married again, that we live together and travel together and love together, and that you are the man you are. I am really, really lucky.

Happy birthday, love.



5 comments on “Many, many happy returns
  1. ryderziebarth says:

    Happy Birthday, Michael! You are one lucky guy! All the best!

  2. I remember our communications when M first came back into your life. It was kismet, I suppose, that he returned to you unencumbered and very, very sure of what he wanted. Now here you are, so many years later, as though it was the most natural thing in the world that it all worked out – because it was. Happy birthday, Michael. Much love and continued happiness for you both.

  3. Donna says:

    Bring grateful for love is the greatest blessing we could have. Happy Birthday Michael, all the best from the Tags….

  4. How wonderful that you two have found each other again! It’s a real – life love story!

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