Mark Zuckerberg, hoodies, marriage & respect

May 22, 2012

Congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg, the Valley’s latest gazillionaire, at least on paper.

And at least until the stock really crashes because Facebook’s valuation is so out of whack. The decline may be in progress: yesterday’s FB close: down 11%. Not a very good sign, is it?

But back to Mark.  He’s been on my mind these days.

Much has been written of Zuckerberg and his hoodie. He likes it so well he wore it to his IPO road show meetings. When he attended them. Because he missed some.

Here’s the deal:  if I were meeting with money folks who were responsible for a huge cash infusion my company would receive, one that would make me a gazillionaire, I’d be thrilled to attend each and every meeting. Wouldn’t you?

 The fact that he missed some is, well, eyebrow-raising. At the very least.

And, maybe he could’ve worn a collared shirt, as a sign of respect to the system that would make him a rich man. Not even a tie–just not a sloppy hoodie.

I know he’s young, but the hoodie seems like an affectation.  Looks like he didn’t take Facebook’s IPO seriously enough.That he had no respect for what was about to happen in his life.

Apparently, though, he took his wedding to Priscilla Chan seriously: he wore a dark suit and tie. So we know he can live without his hoodie.  If he wants to.

I’d like him better if he’d wanted to earlier in the week, too. It would have been a sign of maturity, I think.

On the other hand, he deserves props for marrying his long-term girlfriend, instead of a model, actress or bimbo. A doctor. She’s attractive enough, but no great beauty. Which is a relief. Because he seems more grounded than the Silicon Valley tech bachelors who have cut a swath through the area’s single beauties. And not a nice one.

I think it’s likely that Facebook will have its day of reckoning at some point. The hint should have been an IPO that underwriters had to seriously prop up the very first day just to maintain its offering price.

And as it does,  Mr. Zuckerberg might be forced to mature.

One can only hope.

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