How to make my favorite easy Maui salad

April 25, 2023


As warmer weather approaches, we begin to appreciate meals that are not only good for us, but refreshing. Here’s the easy recipe for my favorite Maui salad — proportions are all to taste.

Romaine lettuce (my fave) or any lettuces

Wasabi peas
Canned orange segments in light syrup but drained

You can also add a little pineapple, shredded purple cabbage or anything else you like. Purple or any sweet potato is a nice complement and so is papaya (my favorite fruit). Soba noodles also go well with these ingredients.

Dress with ginger-miso dressing (or some other Asian-inspired salad dressing)

Simple as that. It’s inspired by a make-your-own salad I had at a favorite Maui restaurant, Fork & Salad. Which we try to visit more than once a week when we are on Maui.

Feel free to share to your favorite recipe board!

8 comments on “How to make my favorite easy Maui salad
  1. I love cold meals once the warm weather comes. This looks not only healthy, but refreshing.

  2. Alana says:

    When you say Wasabi Peas, you mean the roasted and coated peas you can buy as a snack, correct? This would make an interesting salad, indeed, if so. I imagine you would have to add them just before serving so they keep their crunch?

  3. Yummy! Some of my favorites are warm-weather cold dishes, like cold avocado soup.

  4. Patricia Bradley says:

    Thank you. On the menu!

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