Men in hats

May 28, 2009

That’s the handsome Don Draper, who stars in the surprise hit series, Mad Men, one of the best produced shows on television.

One of the hallmarks of the show is its attention to the detail of 1960s life. And there’s no more significant detail than the fashion of the time, and no man on the show wears that fashion as well as Don Draper.

I love men’s clothing of that era and I especially love men’s hats. They’re a great indicator of style. My father always wore a brimmed hat, and so did my maternal grandfather.

In those days, men seemed to take a little more care with their clothing. I love today’s casual styles, but we seem to have lost something along the way.

That’s why I enjoy following two men’s fashion blogs: LeDandy of Northern California ( , with whom I’ve struck up an email relationship) and An Affordable Wardrobe ( ).

Recently Giuseppe at AAW posted a photo of himself wearing the most gorgeous pink broadcloth slacks I have ever seen. Oh, I coveted them for FLH! And also a pair of what he calls Kelly green pants that look a bit more subtle in his photo. I wanted those, too.

FLH has a definite, preppy style. He always looks fabulous, whether he’s in a suit or khaki shorts and a fish shirt.

But oh, wouldn’t I love to see him in those pink broadcloth pants.

2 comments on “Men in hats
  1. Alan says:

    You are too kind about LeDandy. I must admit that prep is a big influence w/ me. Check out O’Connells in Buffalo for some nice, but pricey prep wear. The motif belts and embroidered pants are nice.

    On the cheaper end, Lands’ End oftenhas some prep colors at great prices in their overstock section.

  2. If you run across the pink pants, RUN, don’t walk, to your PC and PING me!!! Thanks, Alan.

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