Miami ( Mee-AM-ee)

August 15, 2009

I haven’t been to Miami in several decades. But I’ve been here now for, say a day and a half. And I have yet to see, meet or talk to a single person for whom English is their primary language.

It’s like being in South America.

Yesterday I was talking to our concierge, Umberto. I made the mistake of responding “Gracias!” in a perfect Spanish accent.

He then let loose with an entire paragraph of instructions in Spanish.

But seeing the panic-stricken look on my face, he then asked “Habla espanol?”

Not really. Un poquito.

I’ve seen a few episodes of that reality program, Miami Social. I’m not sure where they found the two or three English-speaking Americans who appear on it.

Because I haven’t seen a single one.

One comment on “Miami ( Mee-AM-ee)
  1. Payno Mindtome says:

    Sounds like the perfect start to a comedy. “Lost in Miami”. Oops, I meant to say Mee-AM-ee.

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