Middle of the night musings

November 3, 2017


Sometimes I toss and turn, sleepless, my head full of musings on topics and wide as the ocean. Here’s a sampling from one such night.


Looking at photos of happy, smiling brides yesterday, women who have just married one another. And in a Facebook posts, groups of women who love women out for an evening. Smiling, smiling, so happy. I love that gay people can marry and that it happened in my lifetime. I will never understand the problem some people have with people who love one another wanting to make a lifelong commitment.


With all this talk of sexual harassment Monica Lewinsky came to mind. While life is pretty forgiving for most of us, Monica can never escape her name and her infamy. A tragic figure.  Now, don’t get me wrong: Bill’s got a problem. He was dead wrong. But as she herself has said, this was a relationship of consenting adults. There was no harassment. Later, the political spin made her a victim but the sex did not.

She’s tried hard to have a normal life and career but she can’t. Not really. Maybe she wanted to marry and have a family. How would that have been possible, with her name associated with that scandal?

A young, immature woman set her cap for a handsome President and that one bad decision changed her entire life.

I can’t not mention that harridan, the evil Linda Tripp, who outed the relationship and then sold her story for a nice profit. A few times. And used the profit for extensive cosmetic surgery. This is truly the story for our times: profit off someone else’s misfortune. We see it again and again.

The flag of Christianity

How come I never see Buddhists waving prayer flags, Jews throwing their religion out as justification for politics, Hindus giving religious justification to silly political behavior? But I do see the “flag” of Christianity being pushed our way and fundamentalists also pushing their “one way” on us all.

I’m pretty sure Jesus is horrified.

When I see the flag of Christianity being waved around political issues it makes me a little nuts. Church and state should not meet, or at least that use to be a foundational tenet in our country. I see tsk tsking and head shaking on that side. Well, news flash: we’re head shaking, too. We’re doing PLENTY of it.

Political naivete, delusion or both?

Usually I avoid this, but I’ve gotten a few silly discussions with Bernie-bots and also with young women supporting the upcoming Women’s Convention. Bernie bots simply will not let go of their candidate, who was absolutely not electable. Fortunately, the backlash to the Women’s Convention featuring him (say whaaat?) was the impetus for him to say he couldn’t make it, after all, because he needed to be helping out in Puerto Rico. Smart move.

But why is this querulous old man who has had a very undistinguished legislative career during which he had no accomplishements still a topic of conversation?  Big ideas, little impact in the Senate. All hat, no cattle.

Talk about SMH (shaking my head)  Among the still divided Dems there is still a misguided belief that a super-progressive candidate needs to be fielded and can magically get elected.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

It’s delusional. Naive.

It seems obvious that to oust that horrific man in the Oval we need a more centrist candidate that can pull from voters who are rethinking their Trump vote as well as solidify D voters behind them.

Put up a super-progressive candidate and hand the nut-jobs over another four years. I can’t believe this isn’t obvious.

Then again, I can’t believe that awful man got elected. So, not sure what’s up with the dumbing down of America.

So, what’s in your head when you can’t sleep?



9 comments on “Middle of the night musings
  1. Andrea says:

    We need to be praying for our nation and for the world. And we need to be praying against the violence going on

  2. Your last two sentences says it all. It’s kinda crazy how unmotivated americans are at doing anything.

  3. Stephanie says:

    When I can’t sleep at night, I tend to go to all the things I need to do the next day, and thinking about my two boys and what we are going to do together and what my husband and I will do with them this weekend for a family outing and all the work I need to get done and the things that need to be cleaned and…….

  4. Skipah says:

    Don’t get me started on Bernie bots!!!!!!!! Delusional is a compliment for them.

  5. There are times I seriously can’t believe this is America! Is there anything worse than all of those thoughts running through your head when you should be sleeping?

  6. jill conyers says:

    Absolutely nothing. That’s what’s in my head when it’s time to go to sleep. End the day with meditation and gratitude.

  7. Sapana V says:

    I too have sleepless nights. The main thought that makes me awake is the concern and well being of my family. I tried a lot to fulfil their all requirements but sometimes I fail.

  8. Yep, there is so much to keep us up at night.I spend too many hours thinking about many of these things too.

  9. Aitza b says:

    Honestly, we’ll never see political change in this country until a majority of white Americans accept their privileges and work for the greater good. Now the rest of America can see what black Americans have been dealing with for centuries. Don’t get me started on the Bernie bros. He was never a Dem and the Dem party was stupid IMO to invite him into the party for the previous election. This country is a mess

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