Mine own woman, well at ease

October 26, 2012

I am mine own woman, well at ease.
 -Chaucer’s Criseyde
I don’t like aging any more than the next woman,
but it does have some advantages. 
At some point our adult life we become
completely content with who we are. 
We no longer care about the judgment of
others; our mistakes are our own. 
We own them and thank them, even, for the lessons
they brought us.
  At some point, we stop caring what other people think of us
and understand that the most important thing
is what WE think of ourselves.
I can’t remember when this happened for me
or how, but it did happen.
I know a few toxic adults who are stuck,
stuck in old patterns that don’t serve them.
But to let go of old ways, they must
look at themselves clearly,
 be ok with their mistakes,
learn from them
and move on.
That “moving on” thing just can’t happen
when we refuse to look in the mirror.
As for me?
I am mine own woman, well at ease,
with myself and the entirety of my life,
including my mistakes.

And if that’s a byproduct of aging,
well, then, I’ll take it.
5 comments on “Mine own woman, well at ease
  1. Lori Jo Vest says:

    I love this. So very true and makes midlife so much more relaxing and free.

  2. bodyminder says:

    Wonderful words. And yes there is wisdom from being middle age. I have had good times and bad, have taken risks and have been in places where I was afraid to leave. And every single experience I would not change!

  3. Amen. I wouldn’t go back for anything!

  4. “That “moving on” thing just can’t happen
    when we refuse to look in the mirror.”

    This is the absolute essential of it all, is it not?

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