Miracle of a single flower

October 21, 2012

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, 
our whole life would change.
8 comments on “Miracle of a single flower
  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree on appreciating the little things. I am fairly low maintenance, have a small house, enjoy taking a walk, cooking, good food, reading, friends for sure.Don’t need fancy trips or designer clothes or shoes. So grateful for my health and my family’s health.But I try not to focus on or think too much about life and death and the realities of life on this planet because then I get depressed. Better to live in denial/not thinking too hard to keep my anxiety levels low. Just sayin…beth g
    Not the point you were making but it did cause this reaction in me.

  2. Grace Hodgin says:

    Very true and we often miss the miracles of life and take them for granted.

  3. I guess that’s like taking time to smell the roses.

  4. Absolutely! And it’s realizing how miraculously constructed a flower is, all the little parts, which makes it so very hard to NOT believe in a higher power.

  5. Love it. Sometimes we forget that it is the “small stuff” that MAKES the Big Stuff!

  6. Beth, I hear you.
    Kat, so true!

  7. Gorgeous photo! Sometimes the simplest looking things are the most complex things.

  8. It was at a farmer’s mkt in SF, Lisa; the guy gave me his card and I can’t find it! I want to go to his showroom and get some for my garden.

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