June 6, 2009

I don’t usually cook up a dinner for myself, but tonight I made myself a mini-version of something I would be likely to make when my darling first & last husband is here.

I pounded some boneless chicken breasts flat and marinated them for a few hours in Chai Thai Teriyaki sauce, the award-winning organic goodness invented by my girlfriend Michelle. It’s a little spicey and a lot delicious.

Then oven-baked them.

Steamed some brussels sprouts until they were tender (and made a small plate of sprouts for my little boy-dog, too!).

Served it with delicious, home-brewed iced tea.

For dessert: a mug of no-sugar hot chocolate.


For my friend’s full line of fabulous gourmet products, see

But if you are friends or family, don’t buy, because likely you’ll be getting some of them for a birthday or holiday this year! Someone already has…

A few words about Michele: a brilliant marketeer and product developer. She’s winning every award under the sun for her sauces, and Whole Foods has picked them up for all their Florida markets. Soon, nationally — only a matter of time.

And she is one of the best people I know. She and I have that rare thing where we can communicate without words, just by looks. LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

By the way, the sauces are a second job. She is marketing director for a school, mom to three boys AND an inventor/marketeer. I’m tired just thinking about her life!

And guess what? She uses the Law of Attraction in her business life. Seems to be working well for this Saucy Goddess!

Saturday night, sigh. Riley and I finished our early dinner and are resting up. I miss FLH and the only saving grace is he arrives on Wednesday, we get our marriage license, his wedding ring and then we take off the next day for his surprise trip.

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