About that moment in time when everything can change

May 3, 2021

moment-in-timeThere’s a moment in time–for all of us– that could change everything. When a decision is called for. Or maybe not even noticed.

Which college do I attend?

Do I stay or go?

Do I take a gift that’s offered even though it means doing things differently?

Or even, do I walk out of the house late this morning?

Sometimes, we can be very stubborn, holding on to ways, things and even people that do not support our growth. And we pay the price for that. Maybe not right away, but eventually, the piper must always be paid.

I’m thinking of someone who stayed in an untenable situation because leaving would have financial consequences. Oh, not life-changing consequences. But this was someone who didn’t like to let go of a cent. (I know more than one person like this, don’t you?)

They relinquished any chance at happiness because the money was far more important to them. Turned out, they couldn’t take it with them when they died. So that stash of money that grew and grew to a substantial sum did not accompany them to the afterlife.

Maybe not such a good choice.

Imagine what they gave up to hoard their resources so closely.

Or people in relationship who could change how they interact, how they view some things, how they listen in order to achieve better communion with their partner, but instead hold on to the ways that never worked for them. It still doesn’t work. And so they sacrifice true happiness and contentment.

These are such tragic consequences and I see more of them now that I am of an age when my peers and those in my greater circle are passing on. It makes me consider whether or not I am allowing myself to live my best life. If maybe I COULD do things differently.

Change isn’t easy, I grant you that. After decades of life, our long-established ways of doing things are embedded in our psyches.

And yet, I am wondering if we wouldn’t all benefit from taking a look at some of the things we do that maybe haven’t worked so well–even if we haven’t admitted it even to ourselves–and made a shift,




9 comments on “About that moment in time when everything can change
  1. Mona Andrei says:

    I can so relate to this. I have a chapter in my book, “SUPERWOMAN: A Funny and Reflective Look at Single Motherhood,” entitled If You Don’t Pay Attention, You Pay the Piper. To your point, change is not always easy. But when we pay attention to how we feel, it becomes more important. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. laurie stone says:

    Such a good lesson. Yes, especially financially, we can’t take it with us. Have to walk that line between being responsible and having a life.

  3. Diane says:

    Husby and I were just talking about this! I hate change. And life right now is teaching me that I need to get past that. To be adaptable and let go of what’s NOT working!

  4. Alana says:

    One of those moments may be coming to me this summer and, for that reason, your post spoke directly to me. My employer is going to be announcing their “back to the office” plan at the beginning of summer. Stay, go, or try to work out a compromise? What is best for me? I’m fortunate that I had this year plus at home, and I know that. I suspect I’m not the only office worker thinking about their future.

  5. It’s so easy to get stuck to a routine even if it is detrimental to our mental health. Sometimes, you have to break the cycle and actually live.

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