Morning Coffee

May 8, 2009

I’ve always liked the image of a 1950s klatch. It’s a casual get together for coffee and chat that was the staple of 1950s housewife life, for those who are too young to know it.

We find, now, that many of these housewives were repressed and swallowing “Mother’s little helpers” to deal with their lives. But the idea of a crisp shirtwaist dress, a cup of freshly perked coffee, cinnamon coffee cake and women around the kitchen table sounds good. Even if it’s somewhat fictional.

Don’t you love the idea of “perked” coffee? Does anyone perk coffee anymore?

Last night I attended the 21st century equivalent of a coffee klatch. A meeting of a local working women’s networking group. But this event was held at a cute little wine bar. The women all had jobs or careers. And everyone was there to network. It was fun. and I emerged with one offer to put us on TV to preview our workshops, one offer to partner with an anti-aging expert, a speaking engagement in front of other women (to talk about the subject of our workshops) and a fistful of business cards to add to our database.

Just another day n the life. Loved talking about what we are doing.

Wine get-togethers are today’s coffee katches. Maybe blogs are an online version of the same thing.

* * * *
We are in the countdown to the first of three trips between now and mid-June. Next Thursday, we’ll be in the San Francisco Bay area. I’m introducing FLH (First & Last Husband) to the area so he can see if he likes it for Life 2.0.

What’s not to like? Yes, it’s gorgeous. But if you’ve lived your life in Rochester, Tallahassee and Miami, it could be jarring. And if you’ve enjoyed making fun of Californians, becoming one might be a big leap.

I am realistic and open to the idea that he might not like it. But I hope he does.

We’re staying in Los Gatos, my charming old stomping grounds in the South Bay, and our realtor there is gearing up to show us homes.

A former city manager client of mine from out there (now a county administrator here) introduced me online a decade ago to a guy who’s now the city manager of Los Gatos. We’ve connected via Facebook and have a coffee date. Figure he might be helpful, he knows everyone. But most important, he’s a very neat guy.

We have a San Francisco realtor, too, and she has a list as well. We’re driving up next Saturday to look there, and have dinner at Kuletos (a fave) with a former client of mine and her husband, before coming back down the peninsula. We hope to be looking at the dream house FLH fell in love with online, if it hasn’t sold. She is previewing it today.

June 1-3 we’ll be in Key West. Also looking at homes in the Keys.

And June 11 I’m taking FLH on what we’re calling The Magical Mystery Tour. It’s his birthday and all he knows is that we are getting on a plane and leaving for about a week. He has no idea where. Or what.

* * * *
Things are hopping in my life, and the only issue is that I’m not sleeping. Part of it is that I’m the driving force behind a lot of things right now.

I’m driving the Calif. stuff because I know the area, etc. Coordinating with two realtors, looking at their findings online, discussing with FLH, providing our feedback, setting up our itinerary for next week, etc.

I’m driving the business, too. No question about that. And that’s a lot of weight, even though I love what we’re doing.

We hit a bit of a snafu yesterday with our e-marketing program. I’ve found an expert I think can help solve it, but it did create some additional stress, and, for the first time, some doubt about what we’re doing. It’s the first doubt I’ve had, and it’s exacerbated because I am pretty much carrying the burden of the business alone right now.

So I did a little self-talk: “Don’t be afraid. This is just a speed bump. You can do this.”

I know I can.

I’m just carrying a lot right now.

I’m lucky to have this fantastic, fabulous, fantabulous man in my life. Once we make a decision about where, he’ll pretty much take it from there and I can let go of it.

Whe he’s with me, everything is calmer. More grounded. I sleep better. I laugh more. And those love endorphins course through my system. You can do a lot on that kind of high.

I can’t wait to see him Wednesday and to show him the life I love.

2 comments on “Morning Coffee
  1. Alan says:

    Holy moly, Kuleto’s is two blocks from where I work. SF is a small town in many ways. If you will be in Fremont, let me know.

    Los Gatos sounds much better than SF. I don’t mind working in the city but I would hate to live there.

  2. Yeah, the City is definitely a small town! We won’t be in Fremont (shoot me if I have to go to the East Bay for anything) but it wont’ be the last time we’re in the area in the next year, I’m sure. And if we move. So we’ll definitely get together for coffee. I want to catch some of your outfits. My man is a bit of swell, himself! I think you’d like each other. I love LG, but we are urban folk, too. We’ll see how he likes it all. You KNOW why I Love it!

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