What is the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for you?

April 9, 2018

The idea of a “love language” is popular these days. That’s recognition of the fact that everyone’s different and what’s romantic to one person might not feel the same to another.

So for today’s reader participation post I’m asking: what’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you? I’m looking forward to you telling us all about it in the comments Section!

24 comments on “What is the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for you?
  1. Stacie says:

    It’s going to sound so ridiculous, but the most romantic thing my husband has ever done for me was do all the housework when I was really exhausted from blogging. There is nothing more romantic than your husband saying, “You just relax. I’ll do the dishes.”

  2. Izzy Grey says:

    My hubby isn’t the romantic type, but he DID write the most romantic thing in the card he gave me for our 10 year anniversary, “I couldn’t breathe without you.”

    Needle to say, I kept it, and now it’s in the back of my bujo so i can read it anytime.

  3. I know my husband has gotten to be less romantic and more practical over the years but his heart is in the right place. i had to know he was into a healthy lifestyle because when we were dating he made me stop smoking and wear wrist guards when we roller bladed he really cared about me and still does take care of me.

  4. Jennifer says:

    My husband does a lot of romantic things for me. Most recently, I fell in love a little bit more the day my mother was sick to her stomach and he brought ginger ale home for her. I didn’t ask and was even thinking that I’d go out later that night and get her some but I never had to. It’s that kind of thing that, that caring, that makes my heart beat a little bit harder for him!

  5. Heather says:

    My husband is the one who plans for us. He has planned some romantic and memorable nights. My favorite was a surprise stay at the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland.

  6. brianne says:

    I think the most romantic thing my husband has ever done was the way he proposed to me. I didn’t have a clue and it was perfect on the beach!

  7. Alison Rost says:

    I’m lucky to have someone who gets me so much and every time I’m not feeling like my best self, my husband would do something to cheer me up. Whether it’s cooking food or planning a date that’s all about making me feel amazingly special! Love is simply beautiful when you find the right person, everything feels super romantic.

  8. Kiwi says:

    Most romantic. I guess for Christmas one of my former partners bought me my first professional DSLR camera which kickstarted the blog I run today because I didnt think he would really do it!

  9. I think the most romantic things are those little things they do even if you don’t ask them to. Like helping with the housework, or simply making a coffee for you when you’re busy working.

  10. Oh my husband is not romantic but the best thing he did when we got married was writing a letter full of his emotions for me. I got that framed and have that inside my almirah forever.

  11. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    It may sound strange and unromantic to most, but my husband lets me watch my soap operas at the same time every night, from 9pm to midnight. He knows that that is the only activity that relieves me of my daily stress.

  12. Geraline Batarra says:

    The most romantic things that my husband has done for me is when he is doing our laundry, working for our family, taking care of our children and always by my side through ups and downs.

  13. Patrice Boothe says:

    One of my ex partners threw a suprise party which was really nice and stayed at a hotel afterwards.


  14. Laura Dove says:

    I think the most romantic things for me are the things which are very small, and which nobody else would even consider romantic at all. Like de-icing my car in the winter and warming my slippers by the radiator at night.

  15. Blair Villanueva says:

    When my Amore surprises me for a road trips around the Hong Kong Island, and we had a surprise dinner overlooking the whole Hong Kong. I never told him how much I love to experience the tour, but he did find out.
    I guess he knows me well.

  16. Karlyn Cruz says:

    Hmmm… I don’t know actually. It’s been so long since I’ve actually felt romance that I don’t think I even remember what it’s like! My husband does little things for me, like buy me things I like when I least expect them. Other than that, he’s not too big in the romance department!

  17. Prateek Goel says:

    I didn’t remember the best thing I’ve done for my girlfriend! She got shifted somewhere else and now we don’t talk at all. But I used to buy every little thing she loves.

  18. Honestly it was an ex fiance purchase an engagement ring for me when we got engaged. It’s not the gift in particular. It was that the gift was just so unexpected. I couldn’t believe it.

  19. eliza says:

    When I was younger, I’ve always wanted a hopeless romantic partner but I never had. My husband is not romantic to consider but his kindness and consideration brought him to the next level, He’s devoted time for me makes him as a romantic partner.

  20. Sigrid says:

    My husband is just quiet but he does things for me. He quietly refills my water bottle or places headphones beside my laptop when I was talking about a new band that I like. Little things and I love them all. Because I know that he is doing all these things because he loves me to bits.:D

  21. lex says:

    Cant seem to have one in particular. Because everything and moment shared with my loved one has been romantic. Nice oost all the same

  22. Take me on a bookstore date.

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