Mother Nature has fired another warning shot

March 15, 2011
We have disrespected Mother Earth

and we have only begun to pay the consequences.

Nature is a gift and it is increasingly clear that we have squandered it.

We are a hungry people. We want what we want when we want it.

We want huge cars and trucks that guzzle gas. We want our power-hungry creature comforts: air conditioning that eats power. Appliances. Big screen televisions.

Even as a developed nation faces devastating tragedy, thousands upon thousands of us stand in line, not to help, but to be among the first to buy Ipads.

The internet is our new god and server farms eat power to run it and more power to cool the surrounding air to keep it running.

Gasoline is more than $5 per gallon in parts of California. There has been no decrease in automobile use.

And now, nuclear plants on the brink of meltdown and radiation sickness — no longer a science fiction fantasy but a real concern for those near the plants.

Nuclear power was an easy technology. Developing solar and wind power from scratch? A lot harder. Developing alternative fuels? Also harder. Buying smaller vehicles? Consuming less?

We don’t want to.

I can hear the chickens clucking as they come home to roost.

Is it too late?

I hope not.

Are we paying attention?

I hope so.

It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.
She’s made that very clear.

So what changes are you willing to make now, to better protect the gift we’ve been given?

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