My life is a river running soul deep

September 4, 2023


Wait. Was there ever a time I recognized it… or felt self-conscious about it?

I’ve always been soul deep, but not so sure I ever thought about it. Or worried about it.

It just…is.

(Like my brown eyes. I’d say my brown hair, but it hasn’t actually been brown in a very long time.)

At lunch with a writer-girlfriend the other day (ok, a while back) I was telling her that someone had asked me,”Why do you have to write about this stuff? Why can’t you just live life?”

My friend started laughing, then we said simultaneously, “This IS life!”

Writers write. It’s what we do. Her memoir explores her relationship with her mother, who had a traumatic brain injury. It’s her life. The memoir’s deep. She’s deep.

soul-deepSo yeah, I do think about things. I think long, hard and soul deep. Then I write about it.

I am, after all, a writer. And a thinker.

And sometimes fu king DEEP.

Once I recognized it, I learned to love that about myself.

And the people who love me also love that about me. Or at least enjoy it. So why should I be self-conscious about it? Thinking is a gift!

Not that I don’t enjoy a good laugh or two..or 10.

I was quite flattered when a younger person I love told their significant other that I was “wise.”

Well, I don’t know about that, but I am deep. Wise and deep? They aren’t the same.

So what about you? Do you enjoy deep thinking? Or do you prefer lighter fare?

Oh, and thank you, IG friend Rebel Thriver, for the first image. If you don’t follow @RebelThriver? You should.

Also, I always loved the Box Tops song, Soul Deep. Here it is for your listening pleasure.!

10 comments on “My life is a river running soul deep
  1. Mona McGinnis says:

    I’ve wondered of late what it would be like to turn my mind off & not think about all there is to think about, to do & the consequences of it all; to just do the “tupperware talk” as someone once referred to that light conversation one has at one of those home parties of old. Does this deep thinking border on a degree of anxiety? I’m leaning towards the friends who indulge my deep thinking & find myself annoyed by the tupperware talk of others. I enjoy reading blogs that give fodder for deep thinking. I guess it’s a matter of balance. Some of this is sparked by my role as advocate for my aging mom who is in an assisted living facility. My concern for her does not seem to be shared by my 2 siblings. I can’t help but think of the impact of aging in my future. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my own aging journey.

  2. I write for both reasons, depending on the circumstances: sometimes to dig deep, and other times to avoid a situation, occupying my mind with other thoughts.

  3. Beth Havey says:

    Writing is my life. The novel I am finished has been carrying me through tough times. Reading is love….writing is necessity. Thanks for your post.

  4. Laurie Stone says:

    Yes, writers write. And what subject do we know better than ourselves? Even fiction writers put a lot of their own lives into their characters. I can’t imagine any other life, and so grateful to have our wonderful group of literary sisters to share it with.

  5. Diane says:

    Ha! Yep. Writers write. And think. My greatest challenge is waking in the middle of the night and trying to NOT think so I can get back to sleep.
    Sometimes it works…
    Let me just state right here that I love hearing your thoughts and thought processes. I have to agree with that younger person. You ARE wise!

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