My Memorial Day message

May 25, 2015


The best way to memorialize those who have died in war is to make sure that no more have to.

No more war.

16 comments on “My Memorial Day message
  1. Jeanine says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Enough is enough, time to end it all!

  2. This is so true. Love this pic.

  3. Beautiful message. Love is always the answer.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yes…a little bit louder now. NO MORE WAR!

  5. Harriet says:

    Wouldn’t that be a great thing?

  6. Bismah says:

    Beautiful message! War is never the solution.

  7. Nothing else to say. Perfect.

  8. I like how the picture has a mature male vet to honor past service and then has young girls to show the idealism of the future. Also the poppies along the bottom allude to The Flanders Field poem about WW1. Memorial Day and poppies were much more intertwined in the 19th C than they are today, but that’s a purposeful choice by the artist. The painting helps all to see that we have an investment in the topic. Moving. Thanks for sharing it!

  9. My sentiments exactly. I wish it could be possible…we need more women in political office.

  10. Spot on. Great image too.

  11. Carolann says:

    Well said my friend…well said!

  12. It’s a great hope. But I am sure that more wars will happen.

  13. Well said. I agree with you too. We need peace! no War!

  14. Such a powerful image and so true too, Carol.

  15. M from The Stay-at-Home Life says:

    I agree. No more war!

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