The Dowager Countess on nature

February 13, 2016

Big Sur, California

The Dowager Countess’ observation about nature is true. Let’s hope it is always true.

8 comments on “The Dowager Countess on nature
  1. Susan Cooper says:

    I agree – I hope so too.

  2. No one says it like the Dowager! I will miss her.

  3. Donna says:

    I know I will not sound like others. And I write this at my own peril..but I think there always will be beauty and nature on this earth. God knows everything that will happen to us, everything, nothing is a surprise to him. He never hits his head and says, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming!” having said that a scripture comes to mind often…”there is plenty and to spare.” I don’t see us running out of anything, I don’t see us gasping for air, I don’t see it. I believe the earth has a spirit also and is a very wise entity. The earth can heal itself in so many ways. Oil spills are a perfect example and the little microbes that eat the oil to make things pristine again. From natural oil leakage to stupid human mistakes. I have spent a great deal of my adult life cleaning water…and do you know how it is done the best way? Naturally. With different sizes of rocks, with reeds that move with the wind and cause the water to move through a system that cleans it. I have a system in my front yard I know it works. A constructed wetlands built after the pattern of nature if you look at a lake and how the water goes through rocks, then cattails before it gets to the lake. I believe in nature. I also believe in being a good steward, but I have been a good steward, every drop of water, both gray and black goes through my wetlands, and although it is not potable (I was not interested in dealing with the EPA to actually use our water – the fight we had to go through to build the wetlands with our health department was enough for me, government is always in the way) the water we put back in the aquifer is so much cleaner than it would have been. I am beyond optimistic for nature…

  4. michelle says:

    I love her so much

  5. Alana says:

    What a beautiful nature picture, carol. Alas, less nature now than when the Downton Abbey story first started taking place.

  6. We all need to be very careful. As we destroy our oceans, a world looms that would be very unpleasant. We are overfishing, we are creating industrial farms that are harmful to the atmosphere, we are killing our fellow creatures into extinction so we can have carvings and medicine that doesn’t work. 50 years from now the earth could have billions of people with rising waters and a dead ocean. We have free will…sadly humans don’t seem to be able to look at more than their own lifespan…and we are ruining the future for our kids and grandkids. We all need to #startwith1thing.
    btw, when does DA start? I miss Maggie Smith too!

  7. PatU says:

    Not so much here in SWF. Perhaps you have heard of the recent water releases from Lake Okeechobee, which are sending ugly, brown, contaminated water to the gulf, where fish and other sea life are washing up dead on shore. Now we are about to experience a Red Tide Bloom. Thanks, Marco, et al.

    Now, they think it would be a better idea to send it to the Everglades. Between this and the Pythons, there will be no wildlife left there either.

    And why? So Big Sugar can farm more land near the lake?

    I can also mention how they scalp the palm trees, eliminating habitat and food sources for birds and other creatures. The wild parakeet is gone from this area now, because their nesting spots are, too.

    It’s all so sad and selfish.

  8. Patricia says:

    Nature is one thing that New Zealand doesn’t lack, thankfully.

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