September 24, 2009

We women like to make a nice environment.

Those special little touches, placed just so.

Maybe we’ve created them.

Or maybe we saw them in a shop and fell in love. Had to have them.

Whichever it is, those little objects hold meaning. At least to us.

Four tiny ceramic flowers, each in its own pot, sit cheerily in wine cubbies in my Tampa kitchen. I’m sure very few people notice them. But I love to look at them. They never fail to remind of where I found them. In Amsterdam, one of my favorite places.

In Vienna I found four colorful, abstract bookmarks. I had them framed and double-matted together in matching primary colors. The piece hangs on a wall leading upstairs in Tampa. “Ah, that 2003 trip!” I think when I see it.

Above my bed is a Rubenesque nude I picked up at a street fair, also in Amsterdam, and hand-carried back in a roll on the plane. She goes perfectly in the room. But I would have loved her anyway, with her lush curves and long long hair.

These are four little paintings Diana did for the sitting room of our accommodation at Baur B&B. I love looking at them every day.

Little pretty touches. Nice, whether we’re nesting for ourselves or providing one for others to enjoy.

You can see more of Diana’s pretty touches at And of course, another favorite visual blogcan also provide a visual feast: www. Enjoy!

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