5 things I will never, EVER do

April 19, 2019

Sky diving.

never-doUnder no circumstances will I EVER willingly jump out of an airplane wearing a parachute. Except under extreme emergency circumstances.

My husband did it when he was in college, drunk and under peer pressure, but i’m here to tell you there is not enough drink in the world –or peer pressure–to get me to jump out of a plane. Not just “no” but “HELL NO!”

Ferris wheel or carousel.

never-doOr this horrible ride pictured, whatever it is. Just…NO. Under the best of circumstances my balance has always been iffy. Anything that goes in circles is NOT my friend. And that includes those spinning cups and saucers at Disney parks. No. Thanks.



Where do I begin… First, I have absolutely no understanding of aerodynamics and no interest in learning. I would instantly forget how to pilot the damn thing. Also, I need terra firma under my feet. I just do. And did I mention I have no sense of direction? None. So I’d end up in some strange country. Or that’s my fear, anyway. No, I’ll never hang-glide.

Climb a mountain. Or ice.

never-doDon’t get me wrong.

I love armchair mountain climbing.

I have read just about every single account of climbing significant peaks and seen the movies, too. I have even talked to climbers at Yosemite.

I admire them and also think they are batshit crazy.

I, myself, though, am too old and out of shape to consider it. And also scared to death. No, I’ll settle for the books and films.

Get married again.

I would say three husbands and four marriages are more than enough for a single lifetime, wouldn’t you? And of course, I have the best husband in the world so no one could ever surpass that. Done with marriage. (Please remind me of this post if I ever mention marrying again.)

Ok, your turn. What 5 things will you never, ever do?

11 comments on “5 things I will never, EVER do
  1. I think this covers it for me, too!!!

  2. Alana says:

    Most of this applies to me, too, although there are a number of places in the world I would never want to visit, either.

  3. M Robinson says:

    Substitute carousel for rappelling. I don’t trust my self with a single piece of rope that I control while dangling above death. Nope. I’d get all confused and plummet, I’m sure.

  4. Linda Hobden says:

    I think you’ve covered most points – no sky diving, bungee jumping, hanggliding or fairground rides – I tried levada walking in Madeira and survived for 5 mins! I’m like you Carol, I love mountains but not so brave about climbing them – I don’t do caves either – I once did a tour of the caves of Manacor in Majorca when I was a teenager but I had a hangover and just went with the flow at the time….

  5. Laurie Stone says:

    You’ve covered most, except I’d add hot air ballooning. It doesn’t appeal to me, but also roller coasters? Bungy jumping? High diving? Ugh. Even when young, I couldn’t…

  6. Terre says:

    Ha, interesting list. I am sure a lot of people have the same list!

  7. All of the above. I like hiking but not straight up rocks and definitely not ice.

  8. Trudy says:

    I did the huge Ferris wheel in Coney Island in NYC, called the Wonder Wheel. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done. I would never skydive, I would never ride a roller coaster. I would never get a tattoo.

  9. I’ve done that swing ride and loved it. Not sure I would love it now I am older though! I don’t think I’d climb a mountain, definitely wouldn’t hang glide and I’m hoping to never have to marry again!

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