Why we need a new 10 commandments

March 9, 2022

Victoria Cayce was a talented writer, a deep thinker and a truly spiritual person. As Facebook friends, we had several deep and meaningful Messenger conversations. Such a kind woman. And then, a few years ago, she died by her own hand.

Those of us who followed her thoughtful, beautiful writing felt the loss keenly.  I still do. We have never needed her voice more.

She  wrote a new 10 Commandments and boy, could we use them now. Why do we need them? Well, for one, people who say they’re “Christians” often don’t pay any attention to the originals. 

But she’s written guidelines that really resonate today. Here they are. You might notice that many mainstream “Christians” fall short of them.

I’d love your thoughts.

From Victoria Cayce:

“A better ten commandments for life. Yes. I had the audacity to write this. Each of us has the power to save the world. No god or demon did this to us. We did. Therefore we can change it.

1. WE are all one. You are god. And so is everyone else. Therefore, be kind and do good.

2. You shall cherish the earth above, the land beneath for all the world is sacred.

3. You shall not divide; harm demean or judge your neighbor. You shall encourage, protect and uplift your neighbor in love. All peoples are your brothers and sisters, worthy of acceptance, dignity and love.

4. You shall not enslave or make war. You shall not kill or harm. Instead you shall seek peace. You shall feed the hungry, clothe the naked, protect the weak and the vulnerable and work for the good of all.

5. Honor the aged and give hope to the young. Welcome the stranger, the refugee and the orphan.

6. Do not rape. Do not kill. Do not build up weapons to destroy your brothers and sisters. Instead, work for the common good with joy and peace.

7. You shall not steal or destroy. Do not pollute and ravage the earth nor take by greed, force or deception that which is not yours. No one can own the earth. We can only visit it and protect it for future generations.

8. Do not lie. Do not hate or decry your neighbor because they do not speak or look like you. Love your neighbor and bless them instead. Work always towards greater understanding and seeking the highest and best for all concerned.

9. Seek to uplift the broken, to heal the wounded, to help the struggling and house the homeless. Let not the orphan cry or widow cry alone.

10. Deal justly and with mercy in all things. Love. One. Another. Seek to serve. Be kindness in motion, goodness in action and compassionate in all things.

Peace to all beings. ~ Victoria LeVane Cayce”

See what I mean? A great loss. Would love your thoughts.

9 comments on “Why we need a new 10 commandments
  1. Lynda Beth Unkeless says:

    “1. Be kind and do good.”

    Then I read to the end.

    Then I reread No. 1.

    It occurred to me
    that if
    I did only No. 1
    it would suffice.

    2-9 would not even be necessary.

    If you catch my drift…?


  2. Diane says:

    A resounding ‘Amen’ to this Carol! Oh, how I wish all of us would read…and then do!

  3. Laurie Stone says:

    These are beautiful and so true. There are so many people on earth who whole-heartedly believe in these, maybe even the majority. But those people never seem to be in power. Maybe they don’t seek it out.

  4. Jennifer says:

    This, especially one. We are all god and should recognize god in everyone else.

  5. A very wonderful interpretation. I see a lot of people breaking them these days.

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