Best New Age gift idea I’ve seen

November 6, 2014

Card DeckI love giving gifts. The process of choosing just the right thing for my loved ones is one of my greatest pleasures.  For me, it’s not a materialistic thing, it’s a giving thing.  And despite our belief that there’s nothing new in the world, I’ve found some interesting and unique holiday gift ideas. And aren’t you lucky–I’m going to share them right here, in the hope that you will find just the right thing for that hard-to-please loved ones.

No, it’s not too early to start ordering gifts for those we love.

Today’s post is about one specific New Age gift and I chose it in recognition of the popularity of AFFIRMATIONS–and their usefulness in today’s world. Starting a day with an affirmation gets it off on the right foot no matter what your situation.

And we’ve long known the power of mind over matter, so if you’re ailing, affirmations are even more helpful.   I think you’ll like these:

To be healthyThe Women and the Hourglass™ deck of affirmation cards by Marylou Falstreau is the very best deck I’ve seen, and I have seen almost everything that’s on the market. But don’t take my word for it. One of my friends has had serious health challenges and I’ve given her many affirmations. Most recently, I’ve given her some of these. She reads one a day for health and well-being and has told me more than once how helpful the specific thoughts are and how beautiful she thinks the art is. That’s a powerful testimonial and I agree.

But they’re not just for people who are sick.

Trust life to send peopleSometimes, life throws us a curve ball and we need encouragement to keep steady on our path. Or to take a big step into the unknown. I love giving affirmations to friends who need that extra little bit of encouragement, especially if I am not with them often. The bird is not part of the deck, it belongs to me. But the Trust thought? It’s in the deck.

she became peaceThe idea of “becoming peace” stuck me as so beautiful.  We can all do with a lot more peace these days. That’s my shirt in the background.

To receiveDo you know someone who doesn’t feel worthy of receiving the gifts life brings? This is perfect for that person.  And these are just a few of the lovely thoughts included in the deck of cards.

The entire deck is $22 and well worth it in my opinion. But Marylou also offers cards and prints with the same thoughts and beautiful art. Find prints HERE and cards HERE, and I’ve used both.  You can also find magnets, poems and more on her website, HERE.

These are beautiful gifts that so many women of any age would get so much from and love to receive. I hope you’ll take a look at Mary Lou’s online store HERE.  And let me know what you think!


34 comments on “Best New Age gift idea I’ve seen
  1. What lovely and thoughtful gifts, Carol. A timely post that we all need to start thinking about.

  2. I’ve seen these before (maybe on this site). These do look pretty fun!

  3. Very cool idea… I’m alwas looking for unique gifts like this. I know my sister would love these 🙂

  4. Mindy Trotta says:

    Beautiful! Going to pass this along to Ronna and Felice at Better After 50. Perfect for one of our Gift Guides!

  5. Carolann says:

    Oh I adore these! I’m going to have to get a few for the holidays and one for me too! Thanks much for sharing these!

  6. Ruth Curran says:

    Yeah, I love them (big surprise) but I know someone whose life these cards might change…. Off to shop and thank you for sharing just what I needed to find!

  7. Love these type of cards. Will have to check them out.

  8. Kim Tackett says:

    Those are wonderful. I feel better already!

  9. Michelle says:

    I love these so much!!!

  10. Each one that you highlight here speaks to me. I bet the entire deck does!

  11. What a great gift idea Carol!

  12. Diane says:

    Excellent. Excellent. Excellent! Love it! I know just the person I will give this to! Absolutely perfect!
    P.S. Let me know when you find other amazing things. I’m stumped . . .

  13. Lana says:

    So glad you shared these Carol. They would be perfect for several people on my list – and maybe a set for myself too!

  14. nancy hill says:

    Nice. Do you get a percentage? You should!

  15. They are lovely and so affirming. I’m all about beauty and surrounding oneself with positive energy — so these are a win-win.

  16. Affirmations (and favorite quotes by witty folks) are often the only thing to get me through the day. These are lovely.

  17. I love affirmations. And these, with their lovely, folk art designs are so pretty. I could see taking your favorites and framing them for wall art. Thanks for the great gift idea.

  18. Hi everyone! I am grateful for your kind and generous comments regarding my Affirmation Card Deck. They were inspired by my own healing journey of discovery but the best part is… they are inspiring others as well!

    Wishing you the very Best, today and always….

  19. I discovered Marylou Falstreau via Twitter a few years ago and bought one of her prints. Love her work. These cards are fantastic!

  20. Those are beautiful! And I can totally relate to the idea of the women and the hourglass …

  21. My mom would love this! Thanks for sharing

  22. Myke Todd says:

    This would certainly be a unique gift, for any occasion.

  23. WendysHat says:

    This is a thoughtful gift indeed! They are so unique and beautiful. Love this!

  24. Sheryl says:

    What a great gift. I never know what to buy and I think anyone would appreciate these.

  25. This is a wonderful and thoughtful gift ♥ Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

  26. Very thoughtful gift indeed! I love these. I have a very specific list this year which is quite unusual for me but I have grown so much this year that I am seeing things in people that I never paid attention to before. It’s an amazing thing!

  27. Linda Hobden says:

    What fabulous cards! I do love the “healthy” card. They seem to have an air of optimism and inspiration about them ????

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