New babies bring new hope

December 20, 2021

When two new babies arrived in our family recently I felt something that could only be described as renewed hope.

The willingness to create new life in the middle of a pandemic takes a belief in the future that I was having trouble accessing, myself. Imagine being pregnant during this risky time. And yet, three young couples in our family chose to do just that –yes, another is coming in the spring.

Sometimes, darkness seems to surround me. The incredible stupidity and denial of facts among some in our country. The unconcern for the welfare of others. The casual way labels of all kinds are slung around.  I haven’t felt hope in a long time.

And then, these new babies arrived. Although I haven’t seen them, just the fact that they are here gives me hope for the future and a belief that the cycle of life continues, regardless of what goes on around us. No better way to go into a new year.

I’m going to enjoy this renewed hope while it lasts.
Gentle support for those healing or grieving can be found here. Such thoughtful gifts.

15 comments on “New babies bring new hope
  1. Lynda Beth Unkeless says:

    YES!!??I live in a neighborhood in San Francisco where on any walk to my local grocery store I might see a baby (or two!) any day! The sight of a new baby always brightens my day and fills me with an inexplicable joy! Few pleasures are so enjoyable in life as walking and seeing a new baby!

  2. Beth Havey says:

    Blessings on your healthy new babies. We have a fetus in our family that is struggling. Prayers are needed. And it’s the mother’s first child. And on another note, Merry Christmas, my friend.

  3. Diane says:

    I SO agree, Carol! New life always gives me new hope as well and it definitely has been in short supply this year! Thank you for sharing your hope with me!


    My daughter unexpectedly had twins and then my son and daughter-in-law had a baby this august. I felt a surprising calmness and remembered a friend telling me about babies born in London during the air strikes…joy among the ashes. Babies bring hope…you are so right.

  5. Laurie Stone says:

    I love this. Yes, new babies are always wonderful, another chance to get it right again. I believe the younger generations are our best hope for the future.

  6. I applaud those who go through a pregnancy during this time. It must be so hard and scary. But a new baby is always wonderful.

  7. Meryl says:

    Great perspective. Focus on the future.

  8. Rita says:

    Yes, babies bring such joy.

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