Nice dogs go to heaven, bad dogs go…EVERYWHERE

August 26, 2012
Riley, in his family room bed

It’s been a while since the boys have starred in the blog, so here you go. Cute dog pictures.

Our bad boy, Riley, was out for a walk this morning and came across something that looked enticing. So he ate it. I saw him just as he was chewing and gave him the command, “Leave it!”

Now, if he has a piece of kibble, or carrot, or some other approved food in his mouth, he immediately spits it out, and looks at me as if to say “What?”

But if it’s contraband? He quickly swallows it. Am not kidding. He totally differentiates.

So when he heard “Leave it!” he quickly swallowed whatever it was.

Being the neurotic dog mama I am, I freaked out. There was a wad of cotton nearby, leading me to worry that it had been a discarded pill or some other thing that would kill him.

I kept a close eye on him for the next two hours.

He was fine.  Me? I needed a Xanax.

And then, there’s Little He.

Little He, in his family room bed. However, he has been known to cram himself into Ri’s bed.

Mellow, placid, obedient, always a good boy. Still a lot of life left in him at age 14, because he takes good care of himself–relaxing and sleeping whenever he needs to and especially if he’s not feeling well.  We could learn from him.

 Of course, living with Riley, the master of manipulation and petulance, he’s learned some of Riley’s tricks, like how to howl if we get near the treat jar. How to demand food. Or that if we’re eating dinner, he should expect something, too.

But overall, he’s just a really, really nice dog.

One comment on “Nice dogs go to heaven, bad dogs go…EVERYWHERE
  1. Have to agree on that! 🙂 All dogs are nice when they are well taken cared of. Does your little pooch wear designer dog clothes too?

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