Nine easy, unique home-made gifts

May 28, 2012

It’s hard to come up with unique and creative gift ideas, especially for those who have just everything they need. Don’t you think gifts we make ourselves are the most fun to give–and to get?

These chalkboard flowerpots would be an interesting addition to any kitchen. The raffia gives them a special touch. It’s easy to buy small terra cotta pots, paint them with chalkboard paint, tie a raffia bow and plant some herbs. Who doesn’t need herbs?

Photo credit: Robin Beck’s Nest

Instructions at Design Sponge

Here’s a twist on chalkboard pots. These would look great outdoors.

How cute would this be? These little pails can be found at discount and craft stores. Just add water and fresh flowers — I think it makes a great hostess gift.

You don’t have to be an artist to paint your own clay pots. You could be a kid. Or a kid at heart. I would love to have these interesting, free-form painted pots in my kitchen. Or anywhere, really.

Instructions at The Third Boob

But maybe you’re more traditional. This Pinterest page has great ideas for kids.  Still not that difficult. Stencils help!

Easy, easy, easy and they’re adorable. Anyone can do this.

Photo credit: Growing a Jeweled Rose
Get the kids or grand-kids together with some paints and pots and have fun. These rival some fine arts I’ve seen, and what a great activity for kids of all ages!

These sure beat those awful macaroni necklaces we made for our moms in grade school.

Instructions at Craft Floozy

Serious crafters would love doing this.

If you’re one of my friends, you just may get one of these some day.

And of course, feel free to give me anything you see here. Just sayin’.

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