No-wrinkle Wednesday

April 29, 2014
I've still not mastered the selfie.

I’ve still not mastered the selfie.

Oh, it’s not Wednesday? That’s ok. It still applies.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times. “You’re 62??  What do you use on your skin? You have no wrinkles.”

So, first of all, it’s true. Fewer wrinkles than my peers. But it’s mostly genetics. My parents had very few wrinkles.

But it’s also staying out of the sun. It’s been maybe 20 years since I’ve “laid out in the sun,” although in my 20s and 30s I was an inveterate sun-bunny.

Now, I’m on a med that makes me photosensitive and I absolutely can not be in the sun without a rash.

And finally: yes, I have a skin care regimen that I’m faithful to. But not fanatical about. So, here’s what I do. None of this is sponsored, but really, it should be. Because I’ve sold more of this stuff on behalf of these cosmetic companies than some of their sales reps.  So shall we get started?

You probably think I get regular facials. Nope. It’s been a few years since I’ve had one and really, I don’t like to get them. Lavender is a favorite among aestheticians and since a trip to Provence years ago I can’t abide the smell. People messing with my skin using products that stink? Yuck. Plus, I’ve never thought facials did anything for my skin.  Or that they were relaxing.

I do exfoliate my face in the shower, usually weekly, using a sample of Clinique’s 7-Day scrub. When I think about it. That goes in spurts. I’ve never actually bought a scrub.  But here’s something else I use at home:

bosciaI use this fabulous peel-off mineral-rich, clay mask on cleansed skin weekly.  It’s black and looks like tar, but its consistency is far thinner. It comes off more easily if you apply it thickly, especially around the edges. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, then simply peel it off and rinse me maskyour face.  Keep the mask away from the sensitive eye area because it does pull a little when it comes off and I don’t know about you but the skin in my eye area is tissue thin. Actually, I have super-sensitive skin overall, so you know that these products are way gentle.

Here’s what the black mask looks like on my face. Note that I really am very conservative about applying to the thinner skin of my under-eye area.

I figured you’d want to see that I’ve still not mastered the selfie; in real life I am not at all cross-eyed. Honest. I’m not.

Ok, now that you’ve had your laugh, let’s move on to my next step.


Not cheap but worth every cent.

After peeling once a week, or after my morning shower, I moisturize, which always begins with Lancome’s Advanced Genifique Serum, ever since it came out in 2008. I love this stuff and even if I apply no other skin product, I’ll smooth this on. The clever new dropper preloads, so there’s always just enough to cover.  This is such great stuff that I credit it with maintaining the complexion my parents gave me.

It takes at least two minutes for the product to sink in and so I wait before applying my next product.  Argan oil. At a Berber pharmacy in Morocco a few years ago we learned about the argan nut and argan oil.  Once I tried some, I was sold.

Josie Maran makes a pure argan oil with no scent (some cheaper versions stink).

Argan oil 2

It’s an oil, which means it’s very oily (duh) and a little goes a long way.  My aging skin is dry, I live in dry northern California and I find this layer of facial oil is helpful. Again, I let it penetrate a few minutes before my final step.

CliniqueClinique was my very first cosmetic brand. Over the years it has aged with us Baby Boomers and it now offers some really good products for aging skin.  I’ve been using Even Better (on the left) for the past six months. It’s a pretty emollient moisturizer and I’ve been happy with it. But I was running low and dropped by Macy’s the other day. The sales woman suggested  I try Super Defense. It works as well, it’s just not as rich.

That’s it. That’s all I do.  Oh, I’ve used a variety of gentle facial cleansers–Philosophy’s milky cleanser is a favorite–but I’ve settled into Cetaphil, which I get at Costco. It’s gentle and does a good job. Why pay more?

Skin care for aging skin is critically important. If  you’ve got a skin-care regimen you’d like to share, I hope you’ll do so in the comments.


35 comments on “No-wrinkle Wednesday
  1. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    OK. Nice Job. I also use the peel stuff, but not as often as I should. I exfoliate weekly with an electric scrubby ( goes in tiny circles) and out some grainy-ish apricot (St. Eve’s?) stuff on it. I then soak in a few drops of C/E folic from skin ceuticals; lastly is a touch of natural oil I buy in Bermuda called Decleor; then Olay broad spectrum no. 30 moisturizer. At night I use Retin A ( have been for 17 years)let it soak in, an top it off with Olay Regenerist (also Costco) in the winter, and Decleor , which is lighter , in the summer.Once in a while I switch things up with Dermalogica products, if I think of it . I wash with Cetafil. ( yes, the big bottle from Costco) I use #50 or higher if I go to the beach–hat always and glasses. This year I am getting a few swim shirts. My skin just hates the sun for some reason. It really irritates me. So I slather on self tanner mixed with moisturizer so I don’t look like Casper the ghost.This all said, you know I regularly use fillers, botox and had a neck lift. Putting up the good fight.

    • admin says:

      i thought I’d seen Decleor in the US, have heard of it. You have an amazing regime. I amkind of afraid of Retin A with my sensitive skin. Everyone says those electric scrubbies work, I might have to get one. But it might be too much trouble. And yay for Costco’s big bottles! I’ll think of you every time I pump a handful. Like today!

  2. Doreen McGettigan says:

    Thank you for sharing these products and YES they should be sponsoring.
    A few months ago it seemed every product I have faithfully used for years is no longer working.
    The search for new has been frustrating.

  3. You do look amazing Carol!!! Thanks so much for sharing ALL your secrets. I can’t wait to try them all.

  4. Wendy says:

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the tips. I’m always on the lookout for good ideas!
    First of all, I’m in total agreement with you on the Genefique. I didn’t know about the 2-minute delay but will start including that in my regimen from this morning. I love how all the thinking is done for me, with the serum pre-measured in the eye dropper.
    As for moisturiser, I saw a programme that did a blind test on 4 brands (in order, from super-duper expensive to Dirt-cheap): creme de la mer, dr hauschka, Nivea and a house brand. The one which came out on top was Nivea. Lesson learned: expensive does not equal quality.
    That said, I shall be on the lookout for the Clinique in the airport this afternoon.

  5. Karen @BakingInATornado says:

    Obviously this routine has worked amazingly well for you. I love that you were willing to share it, pictures and all (and even though it’s not Wednesday). I’m always looking for new products to try.

  6. Wow you’re amazing! I LOVE that you take the parts of skin care regimes that work for you and put them together to specifically what you need. I’m going to try a couple of these things. Thanks! Virginia

  7. Great advice here, Carol. And you use some excellent products…I am completely taken with IOMA-Paris right now, sold through SAKS FIFth Avenue exclusively. It is so amazing how it works!! The only thing I add to it is the Olay Regenerist Micro-Dermabrasion treatment at least once a week. Skincare is where I do not mind spending for quality products! Good job of showing us your routine.

  8. Karen says:

    Thanks, Carol! I haven’t tried a mask since the day I used a dark blue one and my dog nearly had a heart attack when she saw my oddly discoloured face…but I agree that good genetics, staying out of the sun, and using argan oil followed by a good moisturizer is a great way to go. I haven’t tried Genefique yet, but I’ll keep my eyes open for it.

    • admin says:

      I had to laugh about your dog! When Riley was a puppy I wore a baseball cap once and he freaked out! He’s been good with the mask, though.

  9. Haralee says:

    You really should get a sponsor from this! I am very picky about smells so thanks for including this in your product profiles.

  10. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    I just have to add this because I know you’ll laugh. Yesterday I had my entire face waxed on a whim ( the beautician suggested it, as I was having my eyebrows dyed–she said I was getting hairy–the lovely result of 60 year old hormones) with COLD wax-not nearly as harsh as hot, ( and the retina A use will not tolerate hot wax use), and I swear it was like having a chemical peel without the after effect. My face is as smooth, flake free and shiny as a babes bottom! Cheaper than a facial! Can’t get Decleor in the US anymore, sadly. I stock up in Bermuda. It’s wonderful stuff.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, even the waxing is too much pain for me! Pain on a whim? Yeah, maybe if it involved leather I might consider it. (Kidding, kidding. Or, maybe not…..! LOL)

  11. Thank you for sharing. I’d love to try that black tar stuff. I enjoy masks but rarely do them. To be honest, I have a very sparse skin care regimen, and I know I should be doing far more. I use Dove on my face (yes, the bar soap… but the exfoliating bar) and use ROC wrinkle cream. That’s it. And it likely shows. I’d be delighted to find a product that truly reduces brown spots as they’re increasing on my face.

  12. I’ve been wanting to try the Argan oil – where do you get yours? Also I’ve been using the Ridan and Fields new exfoliating thingie and love it- I use their Renew regimen daily-and I’m not a rep but it works well especially for dark spots . You have fab skin!

  13. Your skin is amazing! I shop a lot at Ulta, and they’ve recently added a Clinique counter. I love their eye cream, and the laser repair serum.

    They are very generous with the samples, which I like. I don’t mind spending money on things that work, but I prefer trying them out first.

  14. I have very few wrinkles (not to brag or anything…) and I attribute it all to genetics and an aversion to the sun. Yes, I moisturize and use sunscreen, but my mother has great skin, as did my grandmother, and I really believe that’s why I’m pretty much wrinkle free.

  15. Thank you so much!!! As I’m getting older I’m always looking for new things. I am lucky so far, at 48, I don’t have too many but my mother is 71 and looks amazing and I never liked the sun. But as I get closer to 50 I would like to get a bit more serious about my skin care regime!! Thanks again!! I’m going shopping!!

  16. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    You do have beautiful skin, Carol. I use Lancôme and Clinique products, too. I like using a semi-abrasive face cleanser which rejuvenates my skin every day.

  17. Lana says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I’m almost 47, and I’m not too wrinkly yet (also due to genetics and being fanatical about wearing sunscreen every day). However, I think the time has come to step up my skin care regime – thanks for all the product suggestions!

  18. Lisa Froman says:

    Wow, you do have great skin..I wish I were that wrinkle-free. I actually inherited nice skin from my mom (she is 78 and literally has a peaches and cream complexion and no wrinkles), but I abused it playing tennis without a hat or shades a lot in my 40s. Ugh. Crowsfeet around the eyes. Anyway, thanks for the reminder about the mask….I haven’t used mine in a long time.

  19. Donna says:

    I have a regiment that I am thrilled to say is similar to yours. I use a cleanser and then I apply a collagen serum. Collagen supports the skin so that it doesn’t sag, then a great moisturizer with sun screen. I absolutely love my eye cream it actually has peptides, it is a firming eye cream that takes away any bags I may have under my eyes. Magic. At night after cleansing I use a night cream with retinol, and eye cream. All Mary Kay…..amazing results. Very similar to your regiment

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