None so blind…

June 19, 2009

FLH and I were talking the other day about someone we know who feels they got the raw end of the growing up stick. That the way they were treated growing up led them to have a smaller vision of their life and fewer accomplishments.

If you believe, as I do, that you create your own life and future, this is troublesome thinking. Because at any point in your life, you’re free to step outside your perceived limitations. In most cases.

It was troublesome for FLH, too.

That’s because the flip side of this “raw deal” was that they also got “special treatment.”

“So,” FLH asked. “Did they turn down this special treatment?”

Ummm….no. That would be NO.

In capital letters.

Funny about that.

4 comments on “None so blind…
  1. Alan says:

    I heard on the radio about this book called “The Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell. It talks about how external influences can make dramatically affect one’s life. Your birthdate alone can make a world of difference. The Bill Gates example is very thought provoking.

    I recommend reading the Wikipedia entry for this book. Yes, you can determine your future but it is within certain boundaries beyond an individual’s control.

    Just my thoughts. I need to think about something besides shoes!

  2. Oh, but Alan, shoes are such a worthwhile thing to think about!!

    Wikipedia. Is user-generated content and not a good source of information…so I’d not depend on that very much….every semester I have to teach my college students what a wiki is and why they can’t use it as a source document.

    Gladwell has made a fortune oversimplifying and repackaging social psych ideas from the past into current books. Then everyone thinks he’s a genius!

    For example, his concept of “connectors” is the old concept of “opinion leaders” in the old social psych concept called “the 2-step flow of information” Many business people who didn’t study social psych like I did think he came up with this idea because he’s brilliant. But it’s just repackaging an old concept. So he IS brilliant! (LOL)

    In grad school, I took a course called How to Lie with Statistics…we learned how authors can find any amount of so-called “data” to support their thesis but it doesn’t mean they’re valid.

    While there’s no doubt that there are external forces that influence us, the fact is that hard work and focus can get you a long way. Even working with what we’re given at birth or what happens to us later. I really do believe this!

    I also believe in the value of a good post about shoes, and I loved yours and was SHOCKED that you paid so much for a pair, given your thrifting (but thrilled, too!) and worried that your $22 investment won’t fit. Let me know soon as you get them!!

    I was just on Rue La La coveting a pair of shoes that I was afraid to buy, because Zappo’s reviewers said they run at least a size too small. I chickened out.

  3. Alan says:

    The Diva knows her sh.., stuff, lets say! I’m not an expert in this field but you’ve given me a lot to think about. Got the shoes and they fit great! I’ll be writing more soon. Have a great weekend

  4. Yes, she does! Which is why she is a diva!!

    Wow, they fit? Maybe I shouldn’t have chickened out….

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