Not a crock to me!

February 2, 2010

My friend, G., recently got her first pair of high heels. At age 38. Can’t help but wonder how she’s doing with them.

I’ve been in the working world a long time, heels and all. But in recent years, my work life — at home half the time — allowed me to wear flats, flipflops or sneakers a lot.

Maybe it’s that, or maybe it’s aging, but my feet seem to now be rectangular. Honestly.

Heels and regular shoes are unbearable.

But crocs? The most comfortable shoes around. And I don’t even have a real pair. I bought a fake pair on the cheap two years ago and have barely taken them off around the house. They’re heavenly comfy.

Oh, I know they’re unattractive. Unfeminine. That they’ve inspired a whole I hate Crocs movement. But fact is, they’re even more comfortable than tennis shoes, at least for me.

My friend, J., in Colorado, texted me a few months ago that a store in her town was having a big Crocs clearance and could she get some for me. That was without even knowing I like them. She says they’re great to wear around her ranch.

I said yes, of course. She’s finally shipping two pair out today. Including a fleece-lined pair that will be wonderful for this northern California winter. I haven’t even asked the colors. Just can’t wait to get them.

And don’t worry. I’ll forego the little Crocs charms pictured. I like my Crocs au naturel.

Sure, I’d like to be able to wear four-inch heels. I love the way they look. And I’ll still wear heels to go out, and grin and bear it.

But they kill.

Love me some Crocs.

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