Conversations have shifted now that we’re older

September 3, 2021

The other day someone pitched me on a workshop to identify “what’s holding you back.”

Well, yeah, I had to laugh. Because nothing has ever really held me back and now that I’m older, that’s especially true. Although I’ve never been the target customer for that kind of thing.

Today, though, age brings limitations. And changes.

Now that we’re older, the things we talk about with our friends have changed. Oh, sure, we still talk about travel and politics and and Covid. But then, there are markers of our age:

Mentions of the deaths of people we all knew back in the day as we come to terms with the idea that our peers are now making their transitions. This is the most jarring factor of age, to me: when people in my age group die. Mortality slaps me in the face in a way it never has before.

Medicare supplemental coverage is a huge conversation starter these days. Which? How much?

We talk about how we have noticed changes in our physical conditions. We’re less flexible. Have more aches and pains. And then, some of us are mobility challenged and if so, what do we do?

Planning for the future as an elder is starting to be a common topic. Can we age in place? Do we stay home or go somewhere else? When do we pull the trigger on the next step, of some sort of assisted living? What can we afford?

What should our spend rate be for our retirement income?

If we aren’t working or engaged in a fulfilling hobby, what to do with our free time?

I’m not here to provide answers, but to ask the questions, and now, I’m asking you:

Time is passing. What’s on your mind? And what is your next chapter?

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16 comments on “Conversations have shifted now that we’re older
  1. Each stage of our lives bring new challenges.

  2. Diane says:

    Ohmyword this is so true! Our conversations have become what elderly people talked about when I was young. Back then, I remember thinking I’d never start a conversation with my current aches and pains. Fast forward to today. Yeah, I was wrong…

  3. Laurie Stone says:

    My God, it’s like you’re in my living room. All of the above for conversations. Just got on Medicare and my supplemental was approved. See? There I go again.

  4. Jane Carroll says:

    I have enjoyed two blessed years of retirement… reading all day for several days in a row. And now… it’s time to get back out into the world… writing… blogging… hosting a new podcast… book signings… and maybe even romance. It’s time and I’m ready. We’ll talk about Medicare tomorrow. 🙂

  5. adela says:

    You forgot one thing: decisions on afterdeath. Do I want to be cremated, buried, turned into diamonds or polished pebbles. Or do I want to go green and be planted as part of a tree ball in a forest. If you haven’t started that conversation, yes, these are real alternatives.

  6. Omg, everything you have said here has been a topic of discussion lately with my husband and our friends!

  7. Meryl says:

    My friends and I ease into conversations about physical ailments but try to catch ourselves and move on to more upbeat conversations. Lately we’re fixated on discussing what we are going to do and especially where we are going to go when covid no longer rules our lives.

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