Of girly-girls, shopping & prayers

June 27, 2009

Lacy little pink and yellow confections with sweetheart roses. Pink polka dot onesies. Tiny little pink socks. Miniature shoes.

Macy’s children’s department is a fairyland of children’s clothes. And for someone like me, a frustrated mother if ever there was one, well, I just get lost in there, oohing and ahhing over the tiny outfits.

I’m at the age now thatI don’t get invited to many baby showers, so I enjoyed every minute of shopping for the baby girl to come

Sure, I could’ve gone to Babies R Us and gotten the stuff the mom registered for.

But since I didn’t have the joy of having children of my own, then I surely can be excused for melting all over the lace and frills and buying a boxful for the baby. Even thought they were unregistered-for.

I hope I don’t get stopped at the desk by the baby shower police: “M’am, can I see your registration, please?”

And if you haven’t been shopping at Macy’s lately, you don’t know how hugely they are discounting EVERYTHING. I am not kidding. I bought some gorgeous polo shirts for FLH the other month for TEN BUCKS each after discount.

A word about this baby. The young mom went into early labor the other day at only 30 weeks, and they are trying to keep the baby in for another two weeks miniumum, four if they can. That’s because her lungs aren’t developed enough yet. They’re pushing heavy duty medications in through the mom to accelerate the process.

But this little baby girl needs your prayers.

Thank you.

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