Old New Mexico chapel a work of art

January 8, 2014


Old chapelBlink and you’d miss this rough-hewn stone chapel, buried in weeds and brush about an hour north of Santa Fe.  I find it so amazing that people through the ages have always taken time and used resources to build monuments celebrating the glory of the Divine–even small, rough ones.

And even as these buildings age and fall apart, they still retain a certain majesty.

Drive anywhere in New Mexico and you’ll run across these little picturesque scenes that cry out for exploration.  And that blue sky?  The most beautiful backdrop ever, and created by the Divine.

old chapel cu

Everything seems so much more beautiful against the clear tourmaline New Mexico sky.

We didn’t have time for more than a quick photo stop, but next time we visit, it would be worth climbing around a bit to see more of this little chapel. And doing some research to find out its origin.

4 comments on “Old New Mexico chapel a work of art
  1. I will be driving through New Mexico in July. Could you link so google map links for that location? I dread the moving process. Things like this will make it more worthwhile and less of a chore.

    • admin says:

      I have no idea where it is–a friend was driving and we pulled off so I could grab a quick photo. But I will ask him where it is. 😉

      • admin says:

        Oh, and I have a whole bunch of Santa Fe posts from my time there before this year’s Balloon Fiesta in Alb, if you want to look up some of the things we did. I’m running from pillar to post this week but will try to remember to send you some info when I’m back in Calif.

  2. sandra tyler says:

    Wow how did I miss that? New Mexico I’ve been to twice; I would say a most magical state. And most spiritual Chimayo (spa?) the healing church I remember. I wish I had known about this gem!

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