Old words I love and wish we used more today

October 12, 2022

old-wordsI just love some of the old words, the expressions of the past that are long gone. I’ve got a few below and then would love to hear yours!

Malarkey. I love that word! It means “nonsense.”

Oh, fudge! I never used it back in the day but i like it now!

The cat’s pajamas. A really cool thing or person.

Made in the shade. Got it made.

Square. Not hip. Or even better: L-7 (which makes a square with your fingers)

Far out! Oh-so-cool.

Psyche! Trick someone. Pronunced with silent e.

Good heavens! or Great Scott! Means holy shit!

Cool cat.  Hip person.

Lay it on me.  What’s on your mind?

Heavy. Emotionally weighty.

It’s a gas! Ask Jumpin’ Jack Flash for the definition.

Fink. A snitch.

Catch you on the flip side. Means see you later or tomorrow. I still use this.

Out to lunch. Confused.

Groovy. Cool.

What old-fashioned words would you like to see come back? or do you think are just plain fun?


17 comments on “Old words I love and wish we used more today
  1. Lynda Beth Unkeless says:

    “Hell’s Bells!”

    “Lordy, I never…”

    Your list is wonderful!

    I read each and smiled.

    Talking about Our Generation!

    So much

    Fun in The Sun!😂🌞🌼🌝

  2. Rena says:

    Hubby still says “soda” but he also uses old words like that often. I’m trying to think of some but I’m drawing a blank this morning.

  3. Yvonne says:

    My son always loved it when my mom would say, “they’re going like hot cakes.” She had others that he always liked of hers but I can’t remember.

  4. Ricki says:

    I love cattywampus, and everyone and everything is dude (or duuuuuuude)

  5. Alana says:

    You know you’ve aged when the slang of your youth shows up in these kind of lists! I’d like to see “rap” (meaning to discuss with someone, not just a musical style) come back. I still use several of the 60’s slang terms you listed. I also sometimes use “horn”, meaning telephone. I think that’s more 50’s.

  6. Diane Tolley says:

    ‘Good Lord Harry!’ was my dad’s.
    ‘My stars and garters!’ was mom’s…
    Love these, Carol.
    There was a…grace to speech back in the day. A class. Now it’s all about saying things in as ‘small’ a way as possible–both in size. And in content!

  7. Linda Hobden says:

    In the UK, we used to say “cat’s whiskers” as in “he thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers” as in thinking he looks cool.

    “Oh my giddy aunt” – my neighbour used to say this often – means OMG or gosh, really, you’re kidding? etc

  8. Laurie Stone says:

    “I’ll be damned to heck!” was a term from my Texan father-in-law. He had some great ones, including, “Here’s your hat. What’s your hurry?” and “The answer’s yes, what’s the question?”

  9. I still use some of those. I guess I’m a blast from the past.

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