On discipline

July 23, 2009

It’s the byword for today.

A new dog trainer came over to work with me and Riley. This is the fifth, I think. She taught me some new techniques for disciplining Riley. When I asked her for her diagnosis, she said: He’s just spoiled.

She said that he’s very smart, that I let him get away with things, and he just works me.

The discipline, it seems, has to be mine. As in using the training techniques and not letting him slide. I have to see it through.

Today is the second day of severely restricted carb eating and I have to discipline myself to not only eat on a schedule, including snacks, but to eat stuff I don’t enjoy.

Have you ever had a low carb tortilla, low salt turkey and low fat cheese? Do you realize there is no taste whatsoever to them?

And then Trainer Tom beat the shit out of us today. I was SPENT.

I have 7 weeks and 5 more days of severe carb restriction to go.

The reward? the best physical shape of my life by December.

Discipline is hard when you’re spoiled, like I am. Or when you like to spoil others, like I spoil Michael and Riley.

But I’ve accepted the challenge and have no choice but to see it through.

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