Opportunity knocked, I answered

May 1, 2010

Not everyone believes in psychics and mediums, but I do. I’ve had real and valid experiences with both and I do not see those experiences in conflict with traditional religious beliefs.

Four or five years ago I attended a 300-person event in Tampa with the medium John Edward, whom you might know from his TV shows. Yes, I know some people don’t agree, but I believe John’s the real deal and I was nervous and jazzed to be there.

I sat in the front row right in front of him, and as he walked on the small stage and scanned the crowd, I saw him mentally bookmark me. I hoped I would be read.

And, I happened to be one of the dozen people who had family come through with messages. The validating information John gave me was 100 percent correct, things that no one could have guessed or known. Even my siblings were taken aback when I described my reading. It was a very powerful experience.

And yes, there are healthy (and unhealthy) skeptics, but here’s another person who had a similar experience to mine:


And, tests at the University of Arizona also validated his ability:

John Edward was one of the mediums who took part in scientific research into mediumship at the University of Arizona, conducted by Dr Gary Schwartz. Dr Schwartz came to the conclusion that John Edward – and other psychics such as Allison DuBois – truly had psychic abilities: “Anyone who’s looked closely at the evidence can’t help but come to the conclusion that there is something very real going on here.

Remember, much of what we think is “supernatural” is only what we don’t understand. People used to think solar eclipses were “supernatural.”

Life’s most incredible experiences can happen if you have an open heart.

My beliefs about the after-life are kind of mushy. I’m not exactly sure what happens during a reading with a medium, just that something happens that’s not of this world. But it’s real.

A few months ago, I got an email that John and another psychic were teaming up to do a small, 50-person in San Jose. We’ll be on our way to Ireland that day. My heart sunk that I’d have to miss it. Well, I thought at the time, this wasn’t meant to be. But I was disappointed.

Last week I got an email from his organization that a few more 50-person groups have been added. None west of Texas and only one with John alone. That one’s on Long Island, where he lives.

The crazy thing is that about an hour before that, a Facebook friend posted a couple links to books about near-death experiences and the afterlife. I looked them up on Amazon and then ordered them.

I believe in signs and portends, and didn’t think it coincidental to get an email from the John Edward organization moments after Facebook posts about afterlife issues.

It took me about one second to dial up and get a ticket to John’s NY small group in early September. Yes, I know means a cross-country trip. But John Edward alone? With only 49 other people? I can’t miss the opportunity. I have a plane ticket, a hotel reservation and I’m ready.

My life has taken a big turn over the past couple of years and most of our family members who could appreciate it are now gone. I’d love to hear what they have to say about it. I’ll report back afterwards.

Meanwhile, have you had an experience others might call “supernatural?”

2 comments on “Opportunity knocked, I answered
  1. Linda Lou says:

    I believe in pyschics-I have had some ESP experiences regarding my own father’s death-scary but the universe was preparing me…I was recently in Sedona and so wanted to get a reading, or at least have my aura read….never got a chance.

  2. Lovely blog 🙂 I have had many experiences with a specific medium over the years. What she has come up with has been nothing short of remarkable. My father died in the 1970s and he had inoperable cataracts. He went to Oxford University as a youing man and wanted to go back there “one more time” before he passed away. So we bundled him into the car and drove the two hours to Oxford and to the tearoom he remembered so well. While there, he began to cry because, “I can’t see those beautiful, low rolling hills any more…”

    Some years later, after emigrating to Canada, I visited psychic Gloria Brough. She said, “Your father is here and he is trying to tell me something. You know how it is when you wake up in the morning and you can’t see properly? Everything is blurred and you have to keep blinking to focus?” I said that yes, I did. She went on to say, “Well, your father says it isn’t like this for him any more and he can see the low, rolling hills of Oxford again.” (This is verbatim as I have it on tape.)

    So I believe…

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