Orgies are so retro

July 10, 2010

But we love them, nonetheless.

It’s a video-watching orgy weekend and I always stay up too late.

Yesterday it was The Closer. The Deadliest Catch. Hell’s Kitchen. The start of the last season of Nip/Tuck.

Today, trying to finish up Nip/Tuck. Yes, the show’s gotten really out there. But hey, it’s like a train wreck. Gotta check it out.

Is it really video when we watch it on our computer? It’s not a DVD. And it’s really not TV. Even though they are TV shows.

So maybe the right term is a digital program orgy.

Whatever kind of orgy it is, it’s definitely our kind of orgy and we’d better finish it up before it’s time for dinner and the theatre tonight.

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