Why you should pay attention to synchronicity, even when it’s all about pocketbooks

October 8, 2018


Ok, I won’t bury the point. I got a new bag. That’s it, above. Orla Kiely.

But the story’s in HOW I got it.

On my recent London trip a British blogger friend and I decided to meet up at the Fashion and Textile Museum. The featured exhibit was a designer named Orla Kiely. I’d never heard of her.

She’s an Irish designer with a 60s vibe. Known for her bags and her iconic “stem” prints.

Linda and I did meet up, which was way fun. And so was the exhibition of her many distinctive looking products. I fell in love with the look.

These images will show you why and why I wanted one of her bags. So I looked online and found them.

I put them in my shopping cart and took them out. Several times. You can relate, right?

A month went by. And then a client walked into my office wearing one of the stem print bags. Now, I’d never seen ANYONE wear this bag. Ever.

She was even surprised I recognized it. Synchronicity. I took it as a sign that I needed to buy the bag that night. So I did. I’m sure that makes perfect sense to you, right?

So here’s more of the exhibition:


Confession: I just bought this, too. I LOVE it.

Happy prints, right? We NEED more happy!

These were gigantic, hanging outfits. Very eye-catching display.

Orla-KielyNot my favorite print but still evocative of the 60s. But these were fun:

Turn to mix and match. Cleverly done. And this retro radio flipped my switch for sure:


I would have loved it. It was £149.99 when on sale but not sure it’s currently available. And that’s rather pricey for a radio. Still, I love it.

I swooned over this book cover.

Orla-KielyThis raincoat was my favorite of her display pieces. Gosh it might have been 15 feet tall. But so cute!

And yes, this is a dachsund bag:

So that’s just a little taste of what I saw at the museum in London. I’m sure you would also conclude that after seeing all these great designs, I needed to buy that classic 60s stem bag. Right?

4 comments on “Why you should pay attention to synchronicity, even when it’s all about pocketbooks
  1. Linda HoBden says:

    Oh yes – once bitten by the Orla Kiely bug you never look back!! It was a great exhibition and a great day and it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you. Love your purchases by the way! ?

  2. I don’t know whether they’re my “thing” or not – but I did think the daschunds were cute. “Life’s short buy the bag” is now your new mantra – and it’s always lovely to treat yourself occasionally. Wear it with pride and joy.

  3. Haralee says:

    Right and it is a functional meaningful memory of your trip and the exhibition!

  4. Bithy says:

    I don’t grasp whether or not they’re my “thing” or not – however, I did assume the daschunds were cute. “Life’s short obtain the bag” is currently your new mantra – and it’s continually beautiful to treat yourself sometimes. Wear it proudly and joy.

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