Why don’t you join our Boomers for some good reading?

April 30, 2023

It’s a small group this week, with some folks on vacay or brief break and even time off to solve a computer hack. Yikes! But that doesn’t mean our Boomers still publishing today don’t have something interesting to say!


It’s never too late to pursue your passions in the creative arts. Rebecca Olkowski, with BabyBoomster.com, interviewed Ross Hewitt. He is a retired infectious disease physician who has always had an interest in the theatre, singing, and writing. He produced an animated short based on a short story he wrote called Kris the Cat.


We all knew it was coming. Still, when those words came out, they were shocking. Her Majesty, The Queen of England, had died. Like most people on the planet, Laurie Stone had never known any other British monarch. To think of the world without Her Highness seemed impossible. Looking at Elizabeth’s life, she realizes the Queen taught her three vital lessons


It’s done. Jennifer, of Unfold and Begin is happy to report that she finished the Blogging A to Z Challenge. Her post We’re at the Zenith of the Challenge is her Z contribution and includes a round-up of all 26 posts that she completed during the month of April.


With Memorial Day coming up, look for sales on appliances, mattresses, and spring clothing, advises Rita R. Robison, consumer and personal finance journalist. Wait on computers and electronics, grills and outdoor furniture, and summer clothing.

And of course, I’ve got something–I toured The Breakers in Newport, RI and boy, did I get a visual feast. Could you live like that? See it right here.


6 comments on “Why don’t you join our Boomers for some good reading?
  1. Laurie Stone says:

    Great job, Carol! Always love to read the posts.

  2. We may be a small group this week but we are mighty.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing, Carol. Small but mighty, indeed!

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