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June 7, 2015

picket fence nice5Sometimes, you just want to dish about this and that over the back fence. Social media and blogs are the modern equivalent of that, aren’t they? We can joke around, talk seriously or just vent.

Today, let’s have a little fun. Maybe a more serious topic or two, but  mostly? It’s fun.  Here we go.

10653465_899332426796554_4076445031246875079_nDon’t you hate it when that happens? It’s unclear why donuts aren’t at least as good for us as non-organic vegetables. Another example of how life is just NOT FAIR.  I mean, I love donuts. Why can’t we eat an entire box for dinner if we want to?

"At first I was afraid/I was petrified..."

“At first I was afraid/I was petrified…”

Don’t miss the caption. I saw it on Pinterest and it cracked me up. I’m beginning to think chipmunks are the most hilarious of animals.

a64376247e0ab823041cb7d13e86055aThis has been proven to be true in my life time after time…after time…after….

145452bcc14d203f3a1c89fb35743952I had this experience the other day when someone had a really big meltdown directed at me, but I knew it really wasn’t. I was strangely calm. I didn’t even want to tell her to F off. Not even tempted. It’s so liberating!


Well, now, this is the thing. Life is made up of priorities.  At any given moment, we may not be at the top of the list. And that’s ok, because another time, we will be. Or maybe not, which gives us an opportunity to evaluate how important the relationship is.

11203052_1127345283947250_6365488044899931570_nIt’s one thing if you can’t read. It’s another if you can and do not.  The point is, get your head out of your phone, pick up a book and read it. I love to read and it eats at me that young people today seem to be losing the habit. No, I don’t consider graphic novels reading.  Nor is reading on the internet. Read a damn book!


Heartwarming, but not schmaltzy.

No one likes to vent more than I do and to be honest, most of the time, I just don’t have much faith in humanity. I’d love to be Pollyanna but I’m not. I see the world around me and can’t help but say, “WTF???”  And then, I run something so unusual, so heartwarming, that, well, it doesn’t totally restore my faith in humanity, but it does give me a glimmer of hope. I want you to see it too. Click this link.

tumblr_n157nwFOCE1r83d7lo1_12801If you have not heard or seen Bill Nye calling out that the emperor has no clothes, don’t miss THIS.  He says the unthinkable, the unsayable: the truth, and that is that climate change is real and 97% of scientists are in agreement. (My husband says 100% of scientists are in agreement because he doesn’t believe that three percent ARE scientists.) Did you know there’s one phrase (at least) that network newscasters and meteorologists are forbidden to utter? I didn’t. Until Nye told me.

She went undercover.

She went undercover.

This link is both fascinating and terrifying. A female French journalist… well, read for yourself, here.

That’s it! The bell’s rung and recess is over. Back to work. Thanks for taking a break to chat over the back fence with me.


8 comments on “Over the back fence
  1. Elena Peters says:

    This is great! I had a real chuckle over some of these and inspired by others. Thanks for sharing on #MidLifeLuv.

    p.s. I’ve never heard the Mark Twain one before. Whoa! Very thought provoking.

  2. Fun and crazy and interesting post. Video of the lost wallet had me in tears….Jihad story scared the bejesus out of me…Bill Nye link wouldn’t work…….but I get it. And just last night I had a conversation with my 20-something daughter about how reading, real reading makes you a better person! Have a great Sunday!

  3. Carol Graham says:

    Enjoyed the quotes, loved the wallet story but the Bill Nye link was broken. This was entertaining. Thanks

  4. Lisa Froman says:

    This was a fun read! And the poster I relate to? It’s the Don’t Take Things Personally. I struggle with that one, but it’s really important, right?

  5. Kimberly says:

    Carol, this is such a great idea for a post. Loved what you chose to share and the wallet link was eye opening and fun to watch. Thanks for joining us at #MidLifeLuv, we’re glad to have you!

  6. Diane says:

    That last link was truly terrifying. Imagine that man’s personality turned on a young, vulnerable girl. I can’t even think about it!

  7. Carolann says:

    I just finished reading about that French journalist – wow what a story! She was much braver than I would have ever been that’s for sure. Loved this Post Carol. It made me feel such a range of emotions for sure.

  8. Amy says:

    Thanks for chatting with us over the back fence! I love it! These are all so good. The chipmunk–priceless…Mark Twain–makes ya think! On and on. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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