Pack summer up. I hope.

October 8, 2012

Pack ’em up, kids! And bring out less summery shades.  Brrr! There’s a bit of a chill in the air, finally and after a horrific heat wave last weekend, fall is at hand. Gourds and pumpkins are for sale everywhere and scarecrows are going up on lawns in my neighborhood.

Some of the joys awaiting us:

Schlaumberger Winery, Oct. 2011

Harvest time in the wine country means some fun festivities at wineries. I’m a little too busy to go, this fall, but next year for sure.

I love me a fire in the fall. We bought a wood-burning fire pit last year (not this one) but it’s a little too low for the dogs. This fall, I hope M. can rig up something sturdy that will lift it up so the boys can’t stick their noses into it.

Never too old for a visit to the pumpkin patch!

Would you eat these?

Yes, those are candy corn Oreos. Oreos wins the 2012 award for most crass commercialism of a holiday.

We all know what this means!

Fall in Boulder, CO

The trees will already have shed their colorful leaves when we arrive at Joy’s for Thanksgiving, but it’ll still be officially fall.

Flagstaff House, Boulder, CO

I never miss the chance for dinner at the Flagstaff House when I’m in Boulder. Even when it’s an icy drive up the mountain. Got any other recommendations? We’ll be there just under a week.

Boulder Bookstore

Or a chance to browse here, and have coffee at the attached cafe.  Nearby, there’s a statue of a pig that Riley found amusing when he visited with me a few years back.

Oh, Boulder was my second home for a while.

Ok, summer, I am so done with you! Stay gone and let fall prevail–in all its awesome glory.

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