Why you’re never too old

June 15, 2021
I'll be 70 this summer.  70! I can't wrap my head around it. Still, it doesn't seem as old as I expected, because it's never occurred to me to approach life with anything less than joyful curiosity. At least so far. And, I have a 90-year-old best friend with the same youthful outlook. She's still...

The world has changed. What do we do now?

January 18, 2021
I woke up this morning and knew without a doubt---felt to my deepest core--- that the world had changed and there will be no going back to how it was. No going back....

What I know to be true

January 11, 2021
A truism is something that is obviously true. But no matter how obvious, sometimes we just don't want to believe they are true. Here are a few examples of truisms,...

How to send a unique Valentine

January 8, 2021
Send a unique Valentine with love to your mama, your sister, grandma, bestie or your true love -- a little stunning art they can enjoy for days. The day we celebrate...

The Covid police say: Don’t kid yourself about this d...

January 4, 2021
There seem to be two ways people deal with Covid information: ignorance is bliss or knowledge is power. I am in the second camp. This is not a disease like any other....

The hard truth about covid & how to manage isolation

December 29, 2020
I'm shocked. No, I really am. My social media feeds are filled with people who celebrated the holidays with travel and/or family gatherings. Each is under the illusion...

Are percolator coffee pots too old-fashioned?

December 28, 2020
This battered and worn Revere Ware  copper bottomed percolator sat on my mother's stovetop for as long as I can remember. Now, it looks vintage and it IS vintage. As...

’tis the season

December 25, 2020

I carry your heart

December 22, 2020
Before dawn 21 years ago today the call came that my mother had died. It was not a surprise; she'd been sick for the better part of a year. I left home in 1972. It...

Things you can do during pandemic stay-at-home

December 18, 2020
Is stay-at-home hard for you? I hear you. Scrolling through my photos from earlier in the year made me miss the time when I was out and about with friends, having fun...

Harness as much healing power as you can to fight your dise

December 11, 2020
So many friends and social media friends are working really hard to heal. They inspire me. So many brave warriors doing everything they can to support their own healing...

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