How to right your thinking and improve your mood

October 19, 2021
Sometimes, all it takes is an understanding of the simple source of our thoughts. And for that, I turn to the wisdom of  fake Lao Tzu. That's right, fake. Because this quote has been attributed to him. Not accurate, though. Also attributed to a Brazilian motivational speaker....

How about an escape from the tough stuff?

August 29, 2021
This candy-coated image is of a shiny, candy-coated past. It's how I like to think of the Boomer culture we grew up in --because during tough times, fantasy can be a...

When the passing of a generational icon hits home

August 28, 2021
I can feel the excitement here, can't you? Connie Hamzy died the other day. If you're a Boomer, like me, you probably know who she is, even if you think you don't....

How to avoid analysis paralysis

August 26, 2021
Ever found yourself spinning out about something in your life, unable to reach a decision?  I have. Maybe it's a life change like a new job or relationship. In...

How to avoid negativity & promote positivity

August 25, 2021
Oh my gosh, I've been dark, lately! You probably agree. This morning, I decided I need to change my outlook, since we'll be in this pickle for the long haul, and I...

Lessons from a classmate’s death

August 24, 2021
Over the weekend, I learned that a classmate of mine had died. A really nice and real human being. It wasn't a recent death--it predated Covid by a couple of years,...

Am I cursed to utter true prophecies to people who don̵...

August 20, 2021
Or believe me. I feel like Cassandra, the Trojan princess of Apollo, who was cursed to rant about true prophecies but never to be believed. She was beautiful, clever,...

Are we the same person at 70 that we were at 16?

August 18, 2021
Not spending any appreciable time in my hometown over the years meant I missed opportunities to reconnect in a meaningful way with old friends and family. I was ok with...

An open letter to hotels about their unsanitary practices

August 17, 2021
As an avid and frequent traveler, I have seen it all. Well, maybe not "it all". But enough to have pet peeves, especially about unsanitary practices. And these...

A few thoughts about Cuomo’s resignation

August 10, 2021
Cuomo's resignation is today's breaking news. So let's break it down. I am a Democrat and lean left. More than lean. I am of Sicilian descent, generally a...

The delight of one fresh peach

August 9, 2021
Out to dinner at a nice restaurant tonight, I shared a lovely ice cream dessert with my husband. It was delicious. But it did not satisfy. Back at home, I...

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