Just walk away, Renee

July 16, 2024
I do think about them from time to time. I wonder where they are and how their significant other is. If they’ve traveled recently and where. But if I saw them walking toward me in a store and they didn’t see me? I’d probably walk the other way. I still laugh to myself at our inside...

The beauty of Botticelli

April 5, 2024
Sometimes, an artist brings his era alive in such a beautiful and vivid way that you're left wanting more. Such is the case with Botticelli, whose drawings (and some...

When the world is dark, the doctor prescribes a frothy podc

April 3, 2024
Podcasts. A strange hybrid of radio show and blogpost. Since I don't have an Iphone, I wasn't really sure how to access podcasts at first. Then, I realized that...

End-of-life: an unavoidable topic

March 27, 2024
Let's face it: no one likes to consider their death.  Few things are as sensitive (and downright scary) to some as discussions with loved ones about end-of-life...

A visit to the toxic cesspool that was/is Twitter/X

March 25, 2024
When Musk began his overbearing behavior after his new purchase of the site formerly known as Twitter, I deleted my account. I wasn't ever much of a Twitter user, to...

The day we lost our innocence

March 19, 2024
We were all young like this once... our faces reflecting the innocence common to all children. What I wouldn't give for some of that now. Watching JFK: One Day in...

Power player, playboy, predator

March 15, 2024
Playboy Playmates of the Month--the girls next door, or so we were told. Beautiful. Innocent. Sweet. But is that how they were treated? Back in the day, I...

Is transactional giving truly giving?

March 13, 2024
In the shower the other morning I wondered what exactly it means to be a giver. Sure, lots of people give. And a big proportion of that number identify as givers. But...

Spring forward with our bloggers

March 10, 2024
Did you spring forward? Yep, it's already time to lose an hour and enjoy more sunshine, at least for a while). Our weather in the Bay area is going to be nice this...

Cozy winter comfort food that’s good for us

March 6, 2024
I love me some easy winter comfort food that soothes and tantalizes the taste buds. Easy, because sometimes I just don't want to spend hours in the kitchen...

Still good advice, even after 100 years

March 5, 2024
Back when I was maybe a teen, the Desiderata regained popularity. Although it was written in 1927 by Max Ehrmann, its pithy wisdom and good advice fit the vibe of the...

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