Already graduated from this life?

November 2, 2017

past-life-regressionHave you ever read something that resonated so deeply and quickly that before you could even think about it, you felt tears in your eyes?  Here’s an inspirational message I got recently:

You’re not in time and space to graduate into higher realms of existence, Carol; you’re here because long, long ago, you already did. And back then you could think of no celebration greater than being with good friends, falling in love, going on cool adventures, facing great challenges, while possessing total amnesia… lest it all seem too easy.

Well done. Very well done.
The Universe

Yep That’s it. That did it for me. Teary.

As  a past life (and between lives) regressionist, I do believe that we each plan our lives in that time between lives, when we meet with our spirit guides and our council, and even with the souls that will play a key role in the next lifetime. Together, we agree on the scenarios, good and bad, that will most effectively teach the lesson(s) we’re meant to learn in that lifetime. And then, whooosh! Our memories are erased so we’re free to come down and live this life and learn.


I discovered my lesson for this lifetime through meditation and thought and looking back over my life. More information was filled in during several regressions. I was shocked at how clear it was when I took a look. How did I not notice it before? So many key events and people in my life have played a role in my lesson this time around.

I’m grateful.

Maybe you’d like some insight into the lessons you are meant to learn in this lifetime. Or the source of some stumbling blocks. Maybe you’re just curious about your own past life or lives.

Email me: carol at and let’s talk about whether or not a regression is right for you.

Want to know more about regression? Visit my website Q&A on regression. Oh, and see the testimonials from clients who had regressions.

Maybe you would like to put a group of like-minded, curious friends together at your home for a group regression. I can help you with that.

Hit me up at Carol at

Any time. Because I love regressing people.

11 comments on “Already graduated from this life?
  1. Rose says:

    I’m sure if I set time aside everyday to reflect where I have been and where I am now I would be more at ease.We don’t forget who we are we just get to busy to be who we are.

  2. Cassie says:

    Past life regression isn’t something I’ve thought about before but it was very interesting to read this post and learn a bit more about it from your perspective 🙂

  3. I do like to meditate and I actually pray too that helps me find comfort but regression is something I would not dare to try. My motto is move on and look for the future not the past.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Regression and past lives is a subject that has always been of interest to me, even though I’m kind of in the middle (believe / not believe). I keep an open mind anyways and always like to learn new things.

  5. I just started meditating this year and can’t believe how helpful it has been. So glad i got started sooner rather than later!

  6. I don’t meditate, but I do find journaling extremely helpful. It’s how I take quiet time to sit and reflect. Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective.

  7. Ananda says:

    i read this book years ago – many lives many masters, on past life regression, it was very enlightening!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I honestly have been feeling this over the past weeks and it’s just now that I realized regression is the term for the yearning of reconnecting with my past self. I’ve been so carried away with the constant hammering of societal pressures that I lost myself in the process. Thank you for this enlightenment:)

  9. That’s so great that you have been able to learn from your past and to be grateful for the things that are around you now. I think that is such an important lesson to learn.

  10. I love to meditate. I don’t do it as often as I should. I need to create a routine.

  11. Candy Rachelle says:

    This is such a great and interesting to post.I’m so glad that you have been able to learn from your past and to be grateful for the things that you have now.

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