March 13, 2009

No. That’s wrong. Waiting does not make anything more exciting.

Patience. Not my long suit.
Not at all.

I hate waiting.
And I hate to be kept waiting.

When people are habitually late, the message they’re sending is that their time is more important than yours.

Oh, they have all the excuses. But fact is: they’re late.

Nobody’s late today. It’s just that I’m ready to go to Savannah and can’t leave till tomorrow.

I’m mentally ready to be done with my job, but I won’t be done for another two weeks or so.

I’m ready to be doing workshops, but we haven’t finished our preparation.

I’m so ready for my September trip to Italy, but it’s only March.

I hate to wish time away, because it’s so precious. But oh, I’m impatient! I’ve been doing a lot of waiting lately, but I’m not getting any better at it.

One of my favorite people and former clients had a long wait for a pretty fantastic outcome. He was very patient.

I think the key is to work out a life in which you move from one fun thing to another, with very little waiting time.

That’s my plan.

One comment on “Patience
  1. Laura.ModernHousewife says:

    I can’t wait for our lunch next month so we can catch up.

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