Peace & love

October 27, 2009

Love And Peace

And all works of peace are works of love.

My media literacy class has been talking about the impact of the media on society and a few recent classes have more than touched on television’s role in the anti-war movement. How for the first time, war was brought into peoples’ homes in living color. We’ve also been covering the McCarthy hearings and how TV played a role in that.

As we discuss the peace movement, the Red scare and other matters from my youth, I’m aware of how different this freshman class is from mine all those years ago.

And how different the world is.

I know that my attitudes and opinions were influenced by my college years and those times, and I can’t help but wonder if technology will be the primary influence in these kids’ lives.

They seem so detached from feeling or any personal relationship to the world and what happens in it.

But then, that’s true of many people in all generations.

Puzzling, though, to me.

I’d like to see how this ends up in 20 years. What this generation will become.

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