Have you figured out the best diet for peace of mind?

February 3, 2020

peace-of-mindEvery morning I turn the TV on to a cable news channel to make sure the world hasn’t ended. And then, I turn on the weather. Or my DVR. Or music. Or I read. Because, and this is sad for a journalism major to say, the best diet for peace of mind today is a news-free one.

The constant jabber of the 24-hour news cycle is unbearable, especially because what’s being reported reflects how far we’ve sunk as a nation. And a world.

peace-of-mindEven the opossum who visits us late at night knows that Epstein committed suicide, that Prince Andrew enjoyed himself at the expense of young women. And yet, the official stories will never change. We live in a world where if you repeat something enough it becomes true.

Just ask that awful man in the Oval, who continues to lie, cheat and show the world how absolutely nuts he is–and yet a significant proportion of the American public are gullible enough to believe him. Being reminded of this 24/7 does nothing for my peace of mind.

The political system is in a shambles. Millennials aren’t the only self-involved group–just look at most of our elected officials and especially Republicans. Of any age. They care only about maintaining their own power and re-election. Ethics and constituent benefits are not factors, not any more. Republicans have lost their moral compass … the system is broken.

peace of mindAnd oh yes, there are Democrats without a moral compass, but far fewer at this time. I can’t believe that back in the day I defended Bill Clinton. The times have changed, I wouldn’t dream of it today. Today, though, Republicans are lost. 

I don’t really care about Meghan and Harry but everyone has an opinion–either they are saints or they are awful, self-centered people. Just ask her ridiculous family, who is a source for so many tabloid headlines and who get paid for generating that vile news. Now, even my cable provider runs Meghan and Harry headlines. This is what we have been reduced to. Do they really matter? They do not.

peace-of-mindOprah lost my respect a long time ago but now we find that she has pulled out of a #MeToo documentary she and Apple were producing. The subject, Russell Simmons, had pressured her. Of course, despite her pure image, Oprah is as corrupt as any of them. Her own closely guarded secrets make her as vulnerable, as, well, Prince Andrew. But not in the same way. I flipped on her when she became a caricature of herself but in recent years her power has grown and she is not exercising it for good, either. It does nothing for my peace of mind when gullible women offer her up as a great presidential candidate. Not hardly.

peace-of-mindVenerable newspapers like the New York Times, which I consider to be the best newspaper in the world, are being banned from super-conservative libraries because that awful man in the Oval calls the NYT a purveyor of fake news. Nothing could be further from the truth, but there are huge segments of the American public who lack critical thinking skills. This, too, does nothing for my peace of mind.

Nothing new in politics–I don’t care if Joe stumbles, Bernie lies, Pete is too young…it’s ABT, anyone but that awful man, so who the candidate is doesn’t matter. I’d like it to be Amy Klobuchar but I’ll vote blue no matter who.

peace-of-mindI haven’t even gotten to gun violence, racist behavior, a repressive judges and stupid evangelicals. Oh and there’s more. So much more.

We are vulnerable to evil interests, as people and as a nation. We have become a nation where stupid people set the agenda. Do I need to be reminded of that all over the news, 24/7?

I do not.  So news-free is the way I roll. I sit with a book. I watch something entertaining.

Oh, I dig into the New York Times from Friday through Sunday. It’s smart journalism. I trust it. But other than that, my peace of mind depends on my exit from mainstream news.

What has happened to us?

Whatever it is, it does nothing for my peace of mind. So I hold to my own beliefs, do what I can and try to live my life.

What else can I do?

3 comments on “Have you figured out the best diet for peace of mind?
  1. Carol, As you know I don’t like the guy in the Oval Office either. That is why I need to choose my new/talk show hosts so carefully. A steady diet of “propaganda” is mind bending. The research said at one time that if you told a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

    I agree that our diet is so important. I even choose my weatherperson carefully. “Partly sunny” just sounds better than “mostly cloudy!”


  2. Beth Havey says:

    Carol, Just reading you makes me feel better, because we are on the same page.
    But money is often the culprit. Oprah became some queen instead of one of us. I went to her
    show once, back in Chicago, told her she was the best–because she was doing so much for so many. But then the money, all her homes, her bestowing her GRACE on people, kinda makes me sick. And no, I don’t want her to be president. God no. Beth

  3. John Gatesby says:

    Some really serious venting out! It is good for our mental health, makes us feel lighter, and sometimes we get answers that we are seeking. We always live in a world that is far from perfect. People holding reigns of power always fall short of our expectations but then it will always be the case because politics is not for the pure, totally honest and those people who would always sound and act sensibly and truthfully. Acceptance and moving on is the key to live a peaceful life.

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