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September 12, 2016

pet-peeveIt’s time to unload not just a pet peeve, but an entire kennel of irritation. I’ll bet you share some of these. So here goes:

Do not tell me you miss me unless you are my mother or my husband or a friend.  I’m not going to buy anything else. I’m not. So, retailer, stop sending me emails to say you miss me. You don’t miss me. You miss my money.

And to the many places I do business: I love your product but do not have time to review it and provide free advertising for your store. So, shoe site, cosmetic site and every other place I’ve bought stuff— stop sending me emails exhorting me to review your product. I’m not going to.

Dear airline: just because I didn’t book a flight on your site, it doesn’t mean I didn’t book one with another airline who gave me a better schedule or a better deal. Stop telling me to complete my travel plans. I have already completed them.

Oh, Facebook friends, I love you.  Do not ask me to post something on my Facebook wall to prove my support of cancer sufferers or those plagued with any one of a zillion terrible diseases. I have proved my support time and time again at the bedside of ailing loved ones. I do not need a Facebook post to prove my compassion.

To the highly visible website offering handmade items: if your item is going to be delayed a month or more please do not pretend it’s not happening. Please send your customers an update so we don’t have to worry that you have taken our Paypal money and disappeared. It’s called “customer service” and if you can’t do it, you shouldn’t attempt to serve customers.

Dear vacation rental agency that we have done business with more than once. If we ask you what is new that fits our requirements, it means we want an actual dialogue with you. Do not refer us back to your website. We know it well. Talk to us.

And, my favorite online recipe magazines, please learn that I click the red X if you try to force me to watch a video. I do not want to see a video to get a recipe. I want to speed-read the recipe, buy the ingredients and make them without having to hit PLAY.

To the service provider who dropped customers like a hot potato when a more lucrative opportunity came along: your lack of customer service skills will one day bite you in the ass. I can’t wait.

And bloggers, I do love reading your stuff, I do. But please do not ask me to vote for you in a blogger popularity contest. I know you want the visibility, but really, there are so many of you. I love you but don’t count on me to vote for you repeatedly.

Thank you. End of rant.

Got a rant? Share below! It’s good to get this stuff OUT!


33 comments on “Please DO NOT
  1. Ah, I felt relieved just reading your post. Thanks for the vicarious vent, Carol!

  2. Ellen Gray says:

    All true! A good rant makes us feel better, particularly on a Monday. Thanks, Carol.

  3. Haralee says:

    I am all about the rant recently but why not? I too like to scan read and not scan watch videos.The videos annoy me.

  4. debbie d. says:

    Excellent rants, all! The Facebook copy/paste support crap annoys the hell out of me. Feels good to unload, doesn’t it? 🙂 Happy Monday!

  5. Linda Hobden says:

    My pet peeves to a T also! Thanks for sharing your rant – I’m glad I’m not alone!

  6. Kim Tackett says:

    Here’s my pet peeve at the grocery store whose name starts with an S and ends with a y, don’t ask me if I’d like help out with my one bag of three items. Especially if my daughter is with me. That’s why I had kids, to do stuff for me. Also, I can carry one bag. Happy Monday Carol.

  7. I don’t like when someone friends me on facebook and the moment I accept their request they message me to like their facebook fan page. Say hello at least, right?

  8. hillsmom says:

    Well, I have ambivalent feelings about providing a product review I do read reviews about shoes I’m contemplating buying on line, and this has helped me a lot. If there are many similar reviews after I’ve already bought the shoes, I don’t bother to add to them. Obviously, YMMV. Happy surviving to another Monday. 😎

  9. Anna Palmer says:

    YEs yes yes yes yes. Yes.

  10. Barbara says:

    The facebook copy post crap drives me nuts. Especially if, at the bottom, it says NO SHARING! I hope you feel better now. I always enjoy a good rant.

  11. Lee Gaitan says:

    Oh, yes,I HATE being forced to watch a video to find something out that isn’t a step-by-step how-to. I will not click on videos on a news stie. I want to READ, skim, re-read, whatever. I can’t stand wading thorough blather to see if I’m interested in a story.

  12. Eli ErT says:

    Visiting your blog for the first time – really like it – why not — rant along – Personally I dont bother so much – I just do my thing — but enjoyed reading this one carol:-)

  13. I think you covered the gamut. I especially hate voting for blog popularity contests. They are so meaningless.

  14. Truth! Every. Single. One.

    The one that really irks me is the one regarding “please post” things on Facebook. It’s designed to make you feel guilty if you don’t. And I do a bit. But then it just really pisses me off because not posting does NOT mean I’m not a kind, compassionate person who cares about sick folks and such. I just think posting such things is stupid and makes no difference whatsoever.

    Mini rant over. Thank you for prompting the release.

  15. Grammy says:

    Oh my, you hit the nail on the head with me on all of these.

  16. Elizabeth O. says:

    WOW! Thanks for finally letting that out for all of us. I totally appreciate it. I think these marketing strategies should be changed. I can relate to how you feel, really. I’ve been growing tired of these emails lately.

  17. Chei says:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing

  18. Yes! I totally agree about the Facebook posts. They annoy me every time. I have plenty of my own pet peeves, but I can’t think of any at the moment :/

  19. Rajlakshmi says:

    I totally agree on the recipe video one… I like speed reading rather than wait and watch the mustard splutter 🙂 the emails about missing me goes to the junk 😉

  20. If there is one thing I truly hate…not merely a pet peeve…it is being fake and hypocritical. Really don’t like being asked or forced to say what I do not mean. I agree on all points Carol!

  21. Diane says:

    Or 10. All of the above!
    Every one of these hit a nerve, Carol!
    I would add the blog posts that say: if you like me do_____. I know who won’t.
    Well if you know who won’t why are you asking???!!!

  22. Nina Pingol says:

    Oh, yeah! So true. I don’t like adding people in Facebook and suddenly, they are obliguing you to like their posts.

  23. Hahaha… like the majority here, I too was happily grinning and nodding my head as I read this. Agree totally!

  24. Nicole Escat says:

    Wow, this is a great read. I hate people like that, I have a great number of friends in facebook but I don’t like capitalizing that!

  25. Dear Big Corporate Medical Group.

    I don’t think a Customer Experience Survey on the effectiveness of my colonoscopy is warranted. Just rest assured that if I walked out in one piece, the service was satisfactory.

  26. Momina Arif says:

    This post goes from being funny to be pretty realistic. Great Job.

  27. lori says:

    You nailed it! I didn’t even know some of those bothered me until I read them and noticed my head nodding in agreement.

  28. Love the rant! And I would add that the people who miss your money and not you also do not need to be sending me birthday cards! I don’t need a birthday card from my auto insurance agent who has never even seen me! And I’ve read that adding videos to my food blog would make it more successful, but I think there are more people like you who prefer to read the recipe at their own chosen speed and not be subjected to a video.

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