Riley recommends: your pet and July 4

June 16, 2017

“This is important information for every pet owner!”

If you’ve got a dog or a cat, it’s time to start thinking about July 4, because many, many dogs have terrible anxiety and fear over the sound of fireworks.

Riley has some recommendations:

  1. He stays home. It’s irresponsible to take a dog out when there’s so much scary noise.
  2. Riley is safe inside with the television or music on. It’s wise to try to distract pets with other, normal sounds that partly camouflage the explosion of fireworks.
  3. He enjoys Treatibles, cannabis treats without the psychoactive ingredient. In fact, many dog people use these to help their dogs control anxiety. There’s still time to order some. For more information, I blogged about them HERE.
  4. Rescue Remedy is a calming, herbal liquid that can be relaxing. The same with DAP diffusers that plug into an outlet. Most pet stores carry these and they are available on line.

If you’d like to make sure your pet has a safe and happy Independence Day, I have many more ideas at this older post, below (but the contest is long over). Take a look!

6 pet tips for 4th of July + a contest

29 comments on “Riley recommends: your pet and July 4
  1. Barbara says:

    We’ve used rescue remedy in the past. Fortunately, the fireworks aren’t as close here as they were in our other house, so it’s not as bad. It always gave me anxiety worrying about their anxiety! But, I can’t give them wine. 😉

  2. Hi Carol! Yes, this is valuable advice. One of our earlier dogs was very afraid of fireworks but for some reason Kloe, our now furbaby isn’t really bothered by them. Still good to be cautious and you give some great advice. Thanks!

  3. Sarah says:

    Great tips, I know tons of dogs who hate fireworks, my cats don’t like them either. Luckily there are tons of ways to help.

  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    Sal used to hate fireworks, bless her she’s going deaf now and if she’s asleep while they go off it’s bad enough they don’t wake her, however if she’s awake and they are loud she still worries.

  5. Tara Pittman says:

    Great advice! My friends pet hates the fireworks so I will tell her about the music and oils.

  6. Hira says:

    Aww.. riley is so cute and your advices are great

  7. Cassie says:

    Very timely reminder for all the dog owners out there! Can be such a tough time of year for the poor puppies!

  8. This are great tips. Were I live we celebrate by going to the beach and no fireworks at lest not near my home. So my dog is happy and calm that day.

  9. Cute dog! I have three pups and two cats. One dog is terrified of loud noises. The other two would sleep through a battle on our front lawn.

  10. Realize I never thought about fireworks & how the noise can bother dogs so thanks for sharing. We used to live at the beach & they have weekly fireworks so glad I don’t have to deal with these any more.

  11. Neha Saini says:

    I have a Labrador of 3 years. Your recommendations are really good. My dog is really well trained by me. And I love her 🙂

  12. Thank you dear for this post! Now I don’t have to worry that much about my dogs’ anxieties on fireworks!

  13. Kelly Reci says:

    this is one great valuable tip! we used to wonder why our pet dog acted so weird during christmas and new year celebration.

  14. I didn’t think about this now that we finally moved into our new house. We are in a new neighborhood and our dog is always barking at random people who come to the door (they don’t even have to knock). Last few years we were in a neighborhood that didn’t have fireworks like that. I hope she doesn’t get upset with the firework noise if that’s what we are getting this year.

  15. Sapana V says:

    These are really nice suggestions. Although I don’t have a pet, I will keep them in mind as I am keen to have one.

  16. chen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I normally don’t take my dogs out when I know there will be loud noise even though my dogs are normally very calm.

  17. Our dog is terrified by fireworks and thunder! He whimpers and hides behind the computer table. If I am sitting on the couch, he’ll jump up and try to hide his face behind my back.It is good to know that there is something we can give our fur babies to reduce their anxiety over things like loud noises.

  18. Ali Rost says:

    Great tips! We’re lucky in that we live far enough away that fireworks aren’t too loud. In the past through we’ve turned on the tv or radio. Having some background noise that they’re used to is really calming for our pets.

  19. Czjai says:

    Great tips! Our dogs get stressed out by fireworks, as well. We keep them inside the house during New Year’s Eve, when fireworks are part and parcel of the New Year’s countdown/celebration.

  20. Echo says:

    These are great tips. We have one dog that is petrified of Fireworks, so we try to keep her inside, with louder more normal noises and we keep a light sedative on hand, if needed to calm her.

  21. Great advice. My dogs are pretty good with all sounds but I know some other friends that have dogs they go crazy with fireworks.

  22. This reminds me of our pet dog, who would always hide under the bed during new year eve. We just laugh at him but this made me realize that they need more than laughing, they need comfort whenever they fear of something.

  23. My dogs are definitely not fans of fireworks. These tips will help because the holiday is coming up very soon. Maybe there should be a 4th of July Puppy cruise for all those who want to escape the firework festivities! 😉 Xx-Doran @HauteBeautyGuide

  24. Aimee Geroux says:

    Great tips! We have two cats and a dog. While we are in Canada and don’t celebrate July 4th we have other holidays all summer long that people put on fireworks. I am lucky that they have never really caused any stress to our pets.

  25. Ronnie says:

    Oh my gosh the poor little pups when there are fireworks!! I always suffer on behalf of my dog. I had no idea there were remedies we could use to calm them – great to know!

  26. Our Family World says:

    Our dog is terrified of loud noises, that includes firework, thunder, or a kettle cover that I accidentally dropped on the kitchen floor. I am glad there are medications we can give to ease his anxiety.

  27. Elizabeth o says:

    We have a cat who loves running the household. He will be indoors for the July 4th holidays.

  28. Christina says:

    Riley is so smart! Our dog does not like loud noises either, we would never be able to take him to see fireworks.

  29. Missy says:

    I have used Rescue Remedy myself when I needed relief from anxiety, and it did help. I wonder if the same Rescue Remedy company that makes pet-friendly products also makes human products.

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