January 5, 2013

It’s winter. That means sweaters, turtlenecks, coats and, if you’re a menopausal–or perimenopausal–woman, temperature control problems.  Dressing warmly for winter weather means that a stop indoors at a store or mall (where it’s warmer) could trigger a hot flash.

Lunch. San Francisco. A December day, not hot. My friend sat across the table mopping her face. Yes, hot flashes, and nothing to be done about them over a salad in Kuleto’s.

Enter one of the most revolutionary product lines ever (my honest opinion): by Poise. And especially its compact-sized Roll-on Cooling gel, which helps hot-flashing women feel comfortable and refreshed. And that soothing, cooling sensation can last up to 10 minutes.

Small, portable, squeezable tube.

Like that famous soap company’s Real Woman campaign, Poise saw a market opening and leaped into it full-bore with amazing, portable products that solve issues that most women go through at some point in their lives.

I’ve blogged before about Poise’s The 2nd Talk campaign, aimed at talking openly with women about normal life changes. And they’re right: these little changes come as a surprise to many of us, and we’re unprepared. I know that I was. So kudos to Poise for stepping up.

I had a few hot flashes during menopause (not that many), and still have one every so often. For me, the gel definitely cooled. But my menopause was easy.  Some of my friends have really suffered. One is still taking meds to relieve the heat and she’s in her early 70s.  Poise cooling products sound easier.

My girlfriend from lunch told me that her only relief has been to stand in front of a fan. But a fan’s not always available to her, especially since she still works. She tried Poise cooling gel and told me it did help and is something she’ll use when she’s not able to stand in front of a fan. Which is going to be often. That’s why this little package is going to come in handy.

A few other timely Poise products for this stage of life include Body Cooling Towelettes, which offer instant cooling and refreshment; its Personal Lubricant (no explanation needed if you’re menopausal); and several others that make up what I think is a comprehensive, unique line of daily products to help women through the natural changes that aging brings.

But don’t take my word for it. Want a free sample? Click HERE.  Or how about a coupon?  Download a coupon HERE.

With Poise. Seriously, why didn’t some company jump on this before now? 

 Learn more about the new products, hear stories from real women, share your own and pledge to join The 2nd Talk at Poise.com

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