How the age of political correctness is not aging well

June 6, 2023


It is entirely possible to have questions about the performance of a woman of color in an elected office. Even when our politics are left of center.

So do not excoriate me for wondering about the sub-par performance of an elected I supported, did volunteer work for and voted for. That, my friends, is not prejudice. Not implied. Not stated. Just not there. Not in the least.

It is also entirely possible to see significant issues with transgender women competing in sport against biological women. Even when we have long supported transgender rights.

That my friends, is not bigotry. It’s pointing out an inherent unfairness in physicality which leads to biological women being much less competitive. Which is not fair. Solutions must be found and to do that, questions are necessary. That physical advantage is still fact, even though the right uses it as an excuse to fight transgender rights.

We can not deny fact. And we can still battle bigotry when we see it. Which we do. All the time.

And it is possible to identify economic benefit as one of the reasons Southern plantation owners were loath to abolish slavery. Even if we deeply hate even the idea of slavery.

It was not the only reason abolition was a tough fight, but it was a big one. That is historical fact, not bigotry. I wish it weren’t true. But it was.

Also possible to admire the contributions of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and also believe her egotistic unwillingness to resign in the face of her terminal illness contributed to the current horrible right wing swing of the Supreme Court.

This is not a stretch at all and not disloyalty. It is historical FACT. She is absolutely responsible for much of the situation we find ourselves in with the Court. Had she resigned in time, we would have had at least a chance to fill that spot with someone competent and not wholly biased in a crazy way. Since she didn’t resign, there was NO chance. Fact.

Blind obedience to political correctness is intellectually lazy. 

Historical fact is just that. We can not erase history, nor can we recreate it. Much as one political party would like to try. Nor should we attempt to erase facts out of some sort of strange sense of loyalty.

There are many shades of grey in life and it’s no sin to acknowledge them, even as we look for better ways.

It’s only when we pretend they do not exist that we look foolish.

No, I am not a fan of political correctness. But I am a fan of acknowledging fact and working around unpleasant ones to solve social problems.

Which is a different thing than blind obedience to some politically correct position just so we’re not shamed.

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8 comments on “How the age of political correctness is not aging well
  1. Bobi says:

    Couldn’t agree more about RBG!

  2. Diane says:

    I remember my journalism training and how my instructors emphasized FACTS. Know your facts. Know your sources. If we couldn’t produce them for an assignment, we got called onto the carpet big time.
    Sadly, though the facts you state are real, and…factual, they are not enough to convince some people. Another fact. Sigh.

  3. Donna says:

    A close friend of mine has 4 daughters, one has graduated but the other 3 are still in college. All 4 were D1 track stars. Competing against men has to be figured out. Not sure how to do it. The colleges have told them to deal with it, and if they can’t they are transphobic. If they speak out their scholarships are in peril, and future job opportunities. You are right that political correctness is not aging well.

  4. Molly Best Tinsley says:

    Well-put, and your list of examples, well-assembled. Fact-based fairness.

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