Portal what if

July 2, 2018

portalA portal to another world opens in front of you.
You don’t know how long it will stay open
or if you’ll be able to get back after you go through.
What do you do?

Sit with it a minute and then, I’d love to know.

15 comments on “Portal what if
  1. Oh my! I would love to say that I would go for it but I am careful, so I am not sure. On the other hand, it was presented to me, so why not go for it? I just might. ????

  2. DSCyprus says:

    No matter what happens, I’m jumping in. Even of I never come back, I at least have to find out what’s in there. Can you imagine not going in and have it in the back of your mind for the rest of your life?

    I hope that I’m brave enough to actually do it, if that ever happens.

  3. Athena says:

    I probably wouldn’t go for it!

  4. Geraline Batarra says:

    If there is a portal in front of me and giving a chance to go for a day I will go for it but knowing that there is no possibility that you were able to go back I will stay here in reality than to be loss in somewhere that you really don’t know!

  5. Iya - Louisa says:

    I have no idea what I would do in the moment. Probably take pictures and they get my mum/boyfriend to come find it again so I am not on my own probably hahahaha

  6. Live for the moment, take advantage of whats on offer, have fun and enjoy x

  7. Laura Dove says:

    I wouldn’t go through, no chance whatsoever! I wouldnt ever leave my children behind and my husband and family!

  8. Anywhere where we could get a relaxing vacation! We need one badly

  9. I would like to go and visit the feature and going back in time also!


  10. I won’t go. I know that for sure. I don’t risks at all except it is completely necessary.

  11. Jennifer Prince says:

    Ha, nope! I don’t want to be somewhere unknown or not be able to come back to my family.

  12. Nora says:

    Oh wow, I am not prepared for that! I’d probably take a selfie with it and get some money by sharing it to local newspaper. 😀

  13. kim says:

    I love adventure and visiting new places, but I would definitely need to know that I could come right back if wanted.

  14. When I was single, I was a bit of daredevil and I would go through the portal in a heartbeat, lol. But now that I have a wonderful husband and kids, I guess I’ll say no. Just because I fear I might not be able to come out of it and miss my loved ones. 🙂

  15. leigh says:

    i love this concept and this blog. inspiring others and oneself is so important. im so happy that i fell upon this.

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