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We Cook: For MarilynVoices from the Middlehttps://www.carolcassara.com/we-cook-for-marilyn/
Why You Should Be Rockin’ on the Front PorchNext Avenue, the PBS website for those 50+https://carolcassara.com/portfolio/rockin-front-porch/
What "Active Seniors" Means NowSenior Planethttps://carolcassara.com/portfolio/active-senior-means-now/
The Second Day AfterRead on KQED (San Francisco public radio) the week after September 11, 2001https://carolcassara.com/portfolio/second-day/
The Mystery of Life after LifeBoomeonThe Mystery of Life after Life
The Art Of Managing Anxiety In Uncertain TimesSixty & Mehttp://sixtyandme.com/the-art-of-managing-anxiety-in-uncertain-times/
Tethered To Tech And Resenting ItHuffington PostTethered To Tech And Resenting It
Spending Christmas Alone? 8 Things To Do If You're Alone For The HolidaysSixty & Mehttp://sixtyandme.com/spending-christmas-alone-8-things-to-do-if-youre-alone-for-the-holidays/
Seniors Rise Up and Teach The World To Wise UpSenior Planethttps://carolcassara.com/portfolio/seniors-rise-teach-world-wise/
Seniors Bring Back Peace & Love In Disturbing TimesSenior Planethttps://carolcassara.com/portfolio/seniors-bring-back-peace-love-disturbing-times/
Owning our Stuff, not Someone Else’sBoomeonOwning our Stuff, not Someone Else’s
My Father's DeskChicken Soup for the Soul: Home Sweet Homehttps://carolcassara.com/portfolio/fathers-desk/
Just for a MomentSan Francisco Chronicle and the Tampa Tribune https://carolcassara.com/portfolio/just-moment/
How Life Is A Journey Of Just Walking Each Other HomeSixty & Mehttp://sixtyandme.com/how-life-is-a-journey-of-just-walking-each-other-home/
Fifty Ways I Love His MotherChicken Soup for the Soul: Just Us Girlshttps://carolcassara.com/portfolio/fifty-ways-love-mother/
Do-it-yourself Law Enforcement: the Self-Service Final FrontierChristian Science Monitorhttps://carolcassara.com/portfolio/law-enforcement-self-service-final-frontier/
Culling Busy-ness to get to the Real Business of LifeBoomeonCulling Busy-ness to get to the Real Business of Life
Clarence Jones: The Long PerspectiveSenior Planethttps://carolcassara.com/portfolio/clarence-jones-long-perspective/
City of SpiritsPoetry Journal, Waterways, Summer 2013https://carolcassara.com/portfolio/city-spirits
Before WinterBlood & Thunder magazine https://carolcassara.com/portfolio/winter
A New Semester, the Start of a New LifeSyracuse Post Standard on August 31, 2009https://carolcassara.com/portfolio/new-semester-start-new-life
"No" is a Complete SentenceBoomeon"No" is a Complete Sentence
‘Free Time’ in Retirement Is a MythNext Avenue‘Free Time’ in Retirement Is a Myth
288-3095Skirt! Magazinehttps://carolcassara.com/portfolio/288-3095/
8 Things To Explore Off The Beaten Path In Santa FeSixty & Mehttp://sixtyandme.com/8-things-to-explore-off-the-beaten-path-in-santa-fe/
6 Ways You can Help a Friend Who is SickNext Avenue6 Ways You can Help a Friend Who is Sick
6 Travel Tips for Midlife AdventuresNext Avenue, the PBS website for those 50+https://carolcassara.com/portfolio/6-travel-tips-midlife-adventurers/
5 Things Not To Do When Starting A Business After 60Sixty & Mehttp://sixtyandme.com/5-things-not-to-do-when-starting-a-business-after-60/