The power of faith and intention

September 2, 2014
healing-prayerImagine every cell in her/your body
is dancing to her/your favorite song
moving in perfect harmony
to the uplifting melody
that makes her/ your body come alive
and frees her/you of all worries and fears
releasing all illness and pain
as healing, energy, hope and peace
become the rhythm of her/your heart and breath
     ~~ Bella Bleue

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog posts today to ask you for a special favor.

Many of you, like me, believe in the power of faith, of intention and possibility.

Today, I’m asking you to help me harness as much of that faith, intention and possibility on behalf a very special friend, who starts an intense treatment regimen for a cancer she’s battled for years.  She has refused to give it power and has lived every minute since her diagnosis fully and gracefully.

She has been strong. She has been courageous. She has been inspirational.

Today, she must begin to marshal every bit of remaining strength for a big, hard push-back of this disease.

She could use our help.

If you believe in prayer and affirmations, it would be wonderful if you could post in the comments below (please–not on social media) your own prayer or affirmation for healing, on her behalf and on behalf of the millions of others who are battling disease. If you are so inclined, I would be so grateful if you shared this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and wherever, so as many prayer and affirmations as possible could be posted her to wing their way out into the Universe on her behalf.

I would love to be able to show her how much her own faith and power are being multiplied by others who believe as we do.

On her behalf, I thank you. And I thank you for me, too. Because this is a friend who means the world to me and has since the day we met three decades ago.

Looking forward to all the wonderful prayers, thoughts and affirmations I will see below, for her and for all who suffer.


35 comments on “The power of faith and intention
  1. Puneet Kumar says:

    Faith is the only one that make this world a world of relationship. No matter this relation is between God and Human or between Humans or with any object. Faith transform a stone into God. It is Faith. Human life is full of weakness and only our faith takes us out of this. Disease makes our body weak but faith keeps our mind strong that combat and defeat every weakness.
    At time of need your friend holds her faith like knight holds his sword and defeat every obstacle.

  2. Sending your friend good thoughts and prayers as she embarks on this challenging road. Much love to you as you support her! xo

  3. Gail says:

    God is always with you. All you have to do is to ask him for courage and strength.
    May God give you his love and show you courage and strength while you go thru these treatments.

  4. Gail says:

    I also want to say that she is so lucky to have Carol as a friend!

  5. What a wonderful friend you are. I will keep you and your friend as well as all of her caregivers in my thoughts and prayers for as long as it takes. I will my angels to give her all the strength she needs to fight and win this battle.

  6. I believe Carol as you clearly do. I promise to do my very best to remember your friend in my prayers and meditations.

  7. Karen says:

    Praying for you with love and healing light, from Karen

  8. A section of my daily prayers are for those who need healing…I will add her into that group. Always a privilege to pray for those who need Christ’s healing power.

  9. I never ask my God for more than strength, because it seems that everything we need starts with that. So, for you and your friend, I am praying you’ll have the strength to discover courage and hope you didn’t realize you had. I pray your strength will shrink your fears enough to let faith run the show. I’ll be asking my God to look in on both of you today.

  10. Sending many, many thoughts and prayers your way to help a special friend. May God bless both of you!

  11. I am not a very religious person, but I do believe in God and will send good thoughts and prayers your friend’s way.

  12. Sending prayers and healing thoughts out for your friend. Positivity and prayer can move mountains, heal the sick, make a world of difference. I pray it will for her.

  13. Barbara says:

    “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” Not sure who to attribute for this quote, but…….my positive thoughts are with you both. xxxxx

  14. Sending all my good juju her way…and yours.

  15. Mary says:

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers for a speedy healing. Hugs.

  16. Ellen Dolgen says:

    Sending love and healing thoughts.

  17. I am thanking you all in this one message for the beautiful thoughts and prayers I have been reading and meditating on this morning. Just lovely. My gratitude.

  18. Linda Roy says:

    Sending prayers and good thoughts to your friend, Carol. Hoping she gets through her treatment as easily as possible. She has a wonderful friend in you.

  19. Lana says:

    The power of prayer is mighty. i will pray for your friend’s healing and strength, and for you as her support. Blessings to all of you.

  20. With powerful intention and love , I pray for this women as she remains steadfast in her faith and resolve to heal. May she be surrounded in light and love and the awareness that she is not alone on this journey. Friends are forever, no matter what….

  21. diana says:

    Dear Carol’s Friend,

    You are love. You are surrounded by love and immersed in it. You are bathed in light, in calm resilience, in the understanding that love goes on. It always goes on. You are courageous. A plethora of angels stand behind you, in front of you, next to you. Always.

  22. My thoughts will be with your friend as she goes through this journey. I’ll also be wishing strength for her support system.

  23. WendysHat says:

    I pray that your friend might find peace and the healing powers that she needs to be strong.

  24. Divine source is every present, harmonious, healthy and whole. As part of this divine energy, your healing is present and available. I believe this for you. I hold this for you.

  25. kim tackett says:

    May you use the strength of others as your own. May you gather our light and love to serve your body and your soul. Use us, were are yours.

  26. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your friend’s recovery.

  27. birgit says:

    send you all my best wishes and loving thoughts :)))

  28. Ruth Curran says:

    Sending thoughts of strength, healing, and joy. My hope is that your friend will use the collective energy and love to find peace through the process.

  29. Sheryl says:

    Sending support and strength, energy and rays of healing light.

  30. May your friend have the strength to battle this illness, and most of all, have the openness of spirit, mind and body to receive all these healing thoughts, the healing energy, sent her way.

  31. Sending love and hugs and only positive, healing thoughts xo

  32. I am holding your friend in the light and love of healing intention and energy.

  33. Esther says:

    I know the push-backs are brutal, but I have faith and hope and send every bit of healing thoughts I can muster.

  34. I used to chant “empower my healers” while preparing for any of my procedures, chemo treatments and surgeries. Sending love and strength out to your courageous friend.

  35. donna says:

    Dear Friend of Carols,
    A prayer for you:
    God in heaven, in our human bodies we are weak and frail and susceptible to illnesses we oftentimes cannot understand. We ask that at this time in this persons life that you would provide healing in all ways possible. That her body would heal and fight this disease, that her heart would be healed from fear and disappointment at life’s struggles, and that her sold would be healed to strengthen her relationship with You. And God, we ask for wisdom for the doctors, the family, and this friend…to guide each step. And above all, we ask that you would be her “balm of Gilead” and draw her so close to you that she feels your presence every moment of her day.
    It is in the name of Your Son that I come to you…Amen

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